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I recently picked up a copy of Ed Rush’s 21 Day Miracle and was quite pleased with it from a number of perspectives. First, it is not only well written but entertaining at the same time. Ed has an interesting approach to his use of footnotes, well worth checking each and every one.
He has a great message and lots of supporting information to along with it. For example, he describes an overall message process and follows up with 10 different programs that you can use. Each addresses a different problem with a different goal to achieve in 21 Days. With most books of this genre, the author might have an overall process and then give you a program to use in one or two areas. Not Ed, there are 10. He is not showing one and then telling you that you can get access to the other tools through additional books or online programs.

Ed’s process is not overly involved. His 21 Day Plans are presented in a way so that you see this is all doable within a 21-day period. A lot of similar programs make it sound difficult so that you will need more help, and how you will need to author’s involvement to get to success.

I also like the way he framed certain things, like his perspective on the old Tortoise and Hare where we are led to believe that the Tortoise always wins. Ed debunks this and says to be real the Tortoise never wins, and how it hurts us to believe the Hare loses.

His story of his first days in Bootcamp brought back memories. One of the key areas he focused on was how little time was required to take someone from being a civilian to a military warrior; about the same amount as his 21 Day Miracle. He said that it takes about 3 weeks to move you to a “member of the pack”.

I had a similar experience, although years earlier and during a different war. Also, a slightly different environment; he was at Quantico and I was at Parris Island. Not sure if Quantico, where officers were trained, was any different than Parris Island where enlisted personnel were trained.

Some things were apparently the same. I remember the second or third morning, at about 5am, it seemed like all hell broke loose. Lights flashing on and off, people screaming, Drill Sergeants grabbing mattresses with people sleeping on them being turned over and I being completely disjointed, trying to understand what was happening.

What I think both Ed and I know is that those experiences were not just to screw with us, they were, in fact, critical trainings meant to last a long time. For me, this was apparent 3.5 years later at 2am when we came under attack, overrun and explosions going on all around. That second day experience came back in full force. Instead of running around in all directions, I first stopped to get a handle on what was happening, since I was soundly sleeping before all hell broke out. That training went a long way to saving my life. In fact, that time in Bootcamp was the only time I experienced this until 3.5 years later.

Ed does make his point, it does not take forever to make lasting changes in one’s life. It can be, and is regularly done in a few weeks. Small increments that add up to big changes.

One of Ed’s challenges in the book is to pick one of the 10 scenarios to make significant changes in 21 days. I thought about it. There are a couple that I could sign up for that would be very easy since I was already far along enough to make it too easy. So, I decided I should choose one that would be a challenge. I plan to live until 120, but I would be fooling myself if I thought I could make it in my current physical condition. I am nowhere near the condition I was in when I graduated Bootcamp on November 10th, 1965 (I wrote out the date since this is also the Marine Corps Birthday).

So, I have decided to take on the 21 Day Body Challenge and make it work. I look forward to telling Ed my results and how he may have saved, or extended, my life.

Now you have to admit that this is a no brainer for anyone. After all, where can you get this level of information and support from someone who flew jets at Mach something for only .30 for the paperback? Don’t even try to cheap out for the Kindle version at $.99. Give a Vet a break!!!!,This is THE BEST book that I have read in a long time. I was a little nervous that it was going to be one of those empty, overly buzz-worded up self help books, but I have attended the author's training and coaching events for three-plus years and was hoping for/expected more substance.

I was blown away, this book was a genuine pleasure to read, and extremely provocative and challenging (in a good way)! I felt that Ed was sitting down with me and having an informal chat. The book is a quick, engaging read and LOL entertaining, especially the footnotes. He clearly enjoyed writing it, I had a clear visual of him typing away, chuckling at his own jokes (deservedly so - he's hilarious).

Most importantly, Ed's advice about business, relationships, fasting, fitness, etc is all terrific and genius in its simplicity, but the clear steps to implement the advice were even more valuable.

I will reread this book several times, it's like a mini seminar for any entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur on how to market and position yourself and do everything better! Very inspirational. I will buy paperbacks to give out to my business owner friends. Thanks for writing this!,It sounds like a solid method and I'll give it a try. He provides reasoning behind it that gives validity.

The book does kind of feel like a promotional tool for himself. His method helping you would be the best promotion. The book is about 1/2 the pages listed the rest are examples. But worthwhile examples.,This book is chock full of simple tips and strategies to get things done and achieve your goals. I've read and listened to a lot of goal setting programs but this one is different because of the simple way Ed breaks it down into a step-by-step 21 day formula that anyone can do. It's kind of addicting to go through the templates as you master one area of life after another. Also, I had several LOL moments as I was reading it. Thanks Ed, for this fun, practical guide to doing anything you want in life!,So glad I found this book.

Not only is it a fast read, but the author is even faster at getting to the point. I very much enjoyed his references to being a fighter pilot and how his training and knowledge can be implemented by anyone wanting to make changes in their lives.

Reading this book reminded me of where I am following the crowd, rather than taking a stand for myself, in a few areas of my life...but NOT ANYMORE, after reading this book.

The author broke down the areas of our lives and shows how to create a 21 day plan for any and all areas. I have already chosen two areas to work on for the next 21 days - health and business.

I was pleasantly surprised in being able to download some bonuses from his website, that he mentions in the book, to assist me in these changes. In particular I enjoyed his welcome video.,Another GREAT Book from Ed. I have several of his books and programs. This one is GREAT to help you move towards a change you want to make or have been putting off! Plus he gives all kinds of additional free resources to use to get the most out of this program! Thanks Ed!

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