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It's a good thing I bought this book as a kindle version. I've highlighted and taken notes left and right. I especially like the action steps listed, one of which was "what would you do if money was no object?" I asked my mother and a peer (my best friend). We were up all night talking about it! My mom even continued to text me the next day with more ideas of things she would do. This is just one of the many conversation starters in the book.

Scott finds an interesting way to compare stocks to something we all understand: food! It's an interesting and entertaining talent that keeps the reader engaged and amused.

Great book and a must read! I will give this to not only my own children, but to my mom (who wanted to live near a beach where she could swim every day and play bingo every night, then fall asleep with the windows open listening to the waves), and to my best friend (who wanted a nanny so she could spend more time with her husband, and a coach and tutor for her children) so that they can see their dreams ARE attainable.

Thank you Scott for this gift.,Excellent advice, gave this book to my grand child currently 20 years old in school. Thinking long term is the way too go, Greed I feel can be a down fall in the so called golden years because at that point long term is debatable. Well the advice works, I did much the same and now as I approach 70 I'm bored. Risk was enjoyable. Leave the wealth too the kids? I know very few that have spent the parents money wisely. I like the advice of W. Buffet and my Dad better work for it take on some responsibility for your own happiness.,Enjoyed this book very much. It discusses passive investing - ie, to try to tie the market rather than surpass it. I agree with this, as I am not in the investment business nor do I have the time to be a well-informed, active investor. Took me 2 days to finish this book.,Simplistically and contextually helpful for all ages, incomes, and retirement stages. Provides easy-to-understand directives for those who may not know what to do, or where to go with their finances. Often financial/money "how-to" books tell you what to do, but Scott also advises you what Not to do through his personal experiences and unbiased research.,Not only has Scott (in true rockstar fashion) managed to cover a whole lot of concepts with some great analogies and even super helpful sketches, but he even knocks your socks off with some great extra free downloads. A very worthwhile read, and a great place to start if you simply don't know where to start with investing!,This is one of the best books on finance and investment that I ever read. One of the greatest characteristics that this eBook contains is simplicity. You have heard it before that complexity is the enemy of our dreams and goals. Hmm...please read this book whether you're an advanced or professional financial planner/advisor or investors. Recommended to anyone.,This book is an easy read for market investors or "wanna bees" of any age and experience level. I have been in the market for over 30 years and will be making investment changes after reading this book.

Throughout the book, Scott Alan Turner draws analogies to food and money that are easily understood and keeps readers engaged.

The book educates readers on the basic concepts of investing such as the power of compound interest, the detriment of investment fees, the difference between stocks, bonds and mutual funds, asset allocation and more. It provides clear steps on investing that readers can feel confident about with the knowledge conveyed in the book.

Scott encourages starting to invest even with very little money and includes low cost resources and advice for doing so. I am buying this book for my millennial offspring.

The book is intentionally simple so as to not overwhelm. If you are not subscribed to Scott's podcast, Financial Rock Star, I recommend doing so. Episodes average 20-30 minutes and will reiterate and build on the concepts of this book. He discusses many other financial topics like paying off debt, budgeting, taxes, etc. and regularly addresses listeners financial questions that likely pertain to many listeners.,Reading 99 Minute Millionaire has made me very excited about investing more. I hear financial terms all the time, but I really never completely understood them until I read this book. Scott Alan Turner explains and simplifies investing. He truly does deliver on his promise to educate and make you a smarter investor. I actually look forward to retiring because I know that by following the advice in this book I will have a steak and lobster retirement.

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