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I had assumed that this book was going to be about how to have an argument and there was some of that in there, but what it's really about is The Argument. I quite liked that bit of it...

My only complaint is that I there is too much politics used as examples. I don't disagree with any of those, but I also already understood the premise. There are some people who I would love to share this book with who are capable of thinking with reason, but are still heavily effected by their conditioned emotional responses. When they read the political examples it will cause them to shut down on the real meat of the book. I think that people need to already be thinking with reason and evidence in order to appreciate The Argument, but if you already think that way you don't really need the book. A bit of a cyclical problem.

There were parts of the book that read more like a podcast transcript. Nothing wrong with that, but it was a bit odd. I think however those bits will work quite well in the audio book. I plan on buying the audio version as well once it's available.,Stefan has produced a solid and engaging introduction to moral philosophy, especially recommended for the young and the morally innocent. This is his argument for using reason and evidence to resolve our conflicts, rather than the violence and coercion we see all around us. This is a primer, not an advanced logical treatise, and will be eye-opening mostly to those whose only connection to logic is hearing Spock use the word. Written for a culture that is awash with bad philosophy (shrieking harpies, riots, burning cop-cars, cultural-Marxism, etc.) the proof that logically inconsistent ideas lead to bad outcomes is all around us. If you are an advanced student of logic, or wish to be, you will likely keep this on the shelf to share with young people who have not yet been captured by the sophists of government indoctrination camps. I wish my father had shared this with me before I entered Kindergarten, rather than discovering logic in my early thirties.

[Error posting original review on tablet, so if this is a duplicate, I apologize],The book focuses on what an argument is and isn't, how to make compelling cases and pierce through sophistry. Laser-like precision in execution of its goal. Easy to follow. No pretentious language or needlessly complicated explanations.

The book is useless if you keep the information to yourself in the way a cooking tips book is useless if you never cook. Read it. Then use it in your every day life! It's not a book akin to giving you recipes to regurgitate. It's akin to a book teaching you to improvise and prepare any meal you can dream up. Far better!,If this book is your first experience of Mr. Stefan Molyneux, welcome! If you happen to be one of the lucky, enlightened, millions of fans that have been listening to him for years, this book will not disappoint. Salutations, fellow free thinkers!

Stefan, with his wicked wit, explains not only the art of debate, but also walks you through the processes necessary to confirm the validity of your arguments, meaning that your arrow hits as close to the bullseye of truth as possible.
Any debate that begins with "feelings" or "opinions", will certainly go no where and fast.

Sadly, proper debating has become moribund. In fact, the art form of a splendid argument has degenerated into screeching, bashing, flag burning, destruction of personal property, etc et al.
Thankfully, Mr. Molyneux has published this book in the knick of time! We must rediscover how to speak with a civilized tongue even to those we virulently disagree.,This book seems to be about the political argument between two sides – the only two sides we can see when we are too pressed to look more carefully at what is going on. In war remember, “Either you are with us or you are against us.” At this level I agree almost entirely with Stefan Molyneux. I am libertarian and if life is a war between state and non-state then Molyneux and I are on the same side. At this level I applaud his success and wish him more success. This book might help with a certain class of readers..

But if we go one level deeper, in a meeting among libertarians we libertarians discover little commonality in our reasons for being libertarian or in our rationale for a positive alternative to the state. At this deeper level my ontology (if I use that fancy word correctly) differs from Molyneux’s; he sounds overconfident and mistaken to me. I would classify his philosophy as positivist, he believes a little too much in his own epistemology. For readers who want some good philosophy I recommend: “An Introduction to Philosophical Analysis” by John Hospers; “The Uses of Argument” by Stephen Toulmin; and of course my own exposition of the Resource-Patterns Model of Life on blogspot in the blog titled “Perceived Order”.,Fantastic! Is clearing my head of clutter and tangled up processes. Finally, complex concepts made simple to use. I am starting to communicate more effectively rather than just reacting emotionally. Thank you Stefan!,This was a great refresher for debates. Start from the ground up; construct and go through the definitions of an argument with the bricks and mortar and layer it up until you built a solid structure which is the conclusion, a finished house! This isn't a complete guide or HOW TO book but it is an eye opener in why your arguments are not going anywhere. I encourage new readers to check out his Youtube channel and download podcasts at Freedomainradio to get a more thorough grasp on what "The Argument" looks, feels and (tastes?) like!,This is the first book from Stefan that I've read and it did not disappoint. He did a good job of breaking down the argument structure, qualitative vs quantitative valuations, dismantling false premises... I really enjoyed it. It was an easy read, packed with info like his podcast and I look forward to revisiting it. I also look forward to reading his other books as soon as I get a chance.

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