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I’m going to avoid spelling out the A word as I write this. The book is a great read. You don’t need to have read the “No A rule” to get value out of “The A Survival Guide.” There are a plethora of real world examples and tips. I particularly enjoyed the chapters on “A Avoidance Techniques” and “Mind Tricks That Protect Your Soul.” A’s could be prevalent throughout an organization. In fact, there may be one right behind you! How you deal with these people depend on where there are and how high up or down they are in the company. You have to strategize and work with your peers, accordingly. Sutton takes care to explain how being an A isn’t necessarily a permanent condition. Be cognizant of this. Don’t go Defcon 5 immediately if dealing with an A.

I liked Sutton’s observation that just distancing yourself from an A, even by 10 or 20 feet, can help reduce the toxicity of the atmosphere surrounding As. Becoming an A can be contagious. You don’t have to read the book cover to cover in one sitting, and there are times you’ll find it a great reference tool Be careful about making the book highly visible in your workspace. You don’t know when an A will wander by. Some thoughts not in the book but still important – (1) If in a meeting, you don’t recognize the A in the room, you may be the A. (2) Some music to hum if you need to tune out an A, from Willie Nelson – “Momma don’t let your babies grow up to be As…”,If I had read this book early in my career, I would be half an inch taller and a lot richer. I once had a boss who was so belittling that while I worked for him I literally shrunk half an inch. I finally got so angry that I quit, walking away from lots of stock options. We've all had people we work with who make us absolutely miserable. In this great book, Bob gives you lots of coping strategies. You don't have to let anyone "make" you feel something; you get to choose your reaction, and Bob shows you how.,This book is a must have for anyone navigating today's world. Whether you are in professional or social situation, you are likely to come across people who are difficult to interact (let alone work) with. This book synthesizes hundreds of peer reviewed studies and countless real world examples in an engaging and easy to read format. Bob shares a variety of strategies for dealing with many different "types" of unpleasant people and answers the questions many people are too shy or scared to ask. There is no better time to read this book.,With The Asshole Survival Guide, Bob Sutton cements his reputation as the savior of long-suffering employees everywhere. When he published The No Asshole Rule in 2007, he exhorted leaders and managers to create civil workplaces by setting standards for decent behavior. And serving as examples, themselves, of how to treat the human beings who spend most of their waking hours in those workplaces.

Sadly, too few managers followed Sutton’s entirely sensible, research-based advice – maybe because most readers of the book were the employees who suffered daily the slings and arrows of the jerks around them. Fortunately for all of us, those readers have inundated Sutton ever since with pleas for help, filling his inbox and bending his ear with thousands of juicy tales from the front lines of asshole-land – the land where motivation droops, productivity stalls, creativity fizzles, and despair reigns.

At last, Sutton has created what these readers begged for: a compelling account of the best of these tales, across a stunning variety of work and personal situations, along with research-based and experience-tested methods for identifying, avoiding, neutralizing, or – if all else fails – escaping the mushroom cloud of negativity with which jerks befoul the world around them. We all owe a debt of gratitude for this important work to Bob Sutton – a nice person who, alas, will forever be known as The Asshole Guy.

- Teresa Amabile, Professor at Harvard Business School & Coauthor of The Progress Principle,As a follow up to the original No *** Rule, this is a fun read full of real life anecdotes. Bob weaves together a terrific toolkit for anyone suffering with a colleague or boss who treats other people badly. It's kind of amazing to read the stories he has collected over the years and then see how his toolkit helps navigate very tricky situations. I love his energy, pacing, and most of all his optimism -- something can be done to make things better! A+.,Sutton has done it again and better! I read his first book on A****s and it was a huge revelation--I mean who knew that moving out one poisonous person would change our small corporate culture more than hiring ten positive people right?. Not all of us are in charge of those hiring decisions though, and are often resigned to sucking it up to toxic people as we move company to company--or anywhere in our lives. In this new book Sutton gives us easy solutions to not only dealing with noxious people but thriving despite them! A great read because Sutton is funny and sharp witted--AND gives practical solutions that work. I hands down recommend this book to everyone who has an A**** in their work or personal life.,This is a must-read and must-have book on your desk ! Work is a huge source of stress and jerks at work are prime villains in this drama. Bob Sutton provides you with an evidence based toolkit to both diagnose jerks and of course, buffer yourself against them, and most importantly, build work places that deter toxic behavior from bosses and colleagues. The book is a joy to read - it is chock full of riveting research, compelling stories, and above all, useful time-tested techniques. So read this book ASAP to develop perspective, plans and ploys to deal with jerks. Gift the book to yourself and to others confronting jerks in workplaces!,Great follow-up to previous book, with grounded, practical advice.

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