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I cannot recommend this book enough, it was absolutely incredible. The entire book included applicable information and steps to take toward reclaiming your health. The research was backed by both science and experience from a practicing MD and the entire book was full of hope and encouragement!

As a nurse, I am exposed to the reality of conventional medicine everyday. Working in the ICU has been rewarding but also devastating seeing the number of lifestyle-related illnesses. Doctors are simply medicating symptoms, prescribing more medication for the side effects and our nation is continuing to get sicker. Dr. Myers’ approach sets her apart and this book offers an alternative approach that actually addresses the underlying causes of disease. Because autoimmunity is on the rise, I am grateful knowing that there are MD’s like Amy Myers that take a functional medicine approach and share the information with the world.

Also, some of the other autoimmune books referenced in previous reviews are great but NOTHING like this book. In fact one in particular is full of research and information and even with my medical background, I find it hard to comprehend and apply. The Autoimmune Solution doesn’t stop at the education part, and that is what sets it apart from any other book out there. Dr. Myers goes above and beyond to make sure that the reader can practically apply the knowledge and gives you a plan to carry it out. The recipes I have made are AMAZING. This book is now my motivation to take charge of my health, I have never been more excited to do so until reading this book!

Not only does Dr. Myers explain the causes of autoimmunity and share her story and real life examples, but also she equips the reader, educates and even empowers them to take health into their own hands. The program in the book includes a diet and a comprehensive approach to prevent all the factors that can lead to autoimmunity. Don’t even think about buying this book, just do it! Whether you have an autoimmune disease or not you will greatly benefit from and appreciate this book. I have never been more motivated, inspired and encouraged to lead a healthier life.
THANK YOU DR. MYERS FOR SHARING THIS INFORMATION, GIVING US TOOLS AND SHARING YOUR JOURNEY IN THE AUTOIMMUNE SOLUTION!!,I must say that this is not a totally impartial review. Dr. Amy Myers is my daughter and I had a chance to read an advance copy of the book as a Christmas present.
I suffer from an autoimmune condition called inflammatory polymyositis. This condition is considered incurable but treatable. For a number of years I was treated with the conventional immune suppressant drugs: prednisone, methotrexate, and cell-cept. All of these had many serious and undesirable side effects but they did keep the condition under control. I resisted Amy's advice to change my diet for a period time but finally decided to give it a try. Because I was still taking the drugs it was impossible to tell if the gluten-free diet was having any positive effect. But then it became necessary for me to have a hip replacement. The surgeon was not willing to go ahead with the surgery until I got off the CellCept for one month. Unfortunately an infection developed after the surgery which necessitated getting off the methotrexate. The expectation was that the surgeries should have raised the blood markers for autoimmune. Eventually there were five surgeries on the hip and throughout the entire process the blood markers never rose but remain subclinical. I never went back on the immune suppressant drugs and I remain on a gluten and grain free diet today. I cannot recommend the book too strongly. I had the benefit of Dr. Amy's personal encouragement but for those without that opportunity, this book is a wonderful practical guide to the management of these autoimmune conditions. The six copies I ordered arrived in the mail this morning so I have a few to give away to friends. Buy the book and follow the plan. You will not be disappointed.,THE AUTOIMMUNE SOLUTION is really an interesting, valuable book. The doctor explains that when she had an autoimmune condition, conventional medicine was no good--in fact, it completely failed her: "About 10 years ago I developed an autoimmune condition - and conventional medicine failed me. I don't want it to fail you too."

This book was of special interest to me, since I suffer from one of the medical problems that Dr. Myers says is worsened by autoimmune issues.

The solution to autoimmune problems is one that the author is using in her medical practice--a system of diet she developed over many years of observation and tests. The doctor cites some scientific studies, but her ideas are primarily based on her own observations and practice as a physician: "I'm an MD myself, so I don't like to criticize other doctors, let alone their standard protocols, but the truth must be told: when it comes to the treatment of autoimmune conditions, conventional medicine has failed miserably."

After the author describes the problem and her solution, she gets down to the practical aspects--how it works in practice. She explains, "The Meyers way is based on one simple idea: food as medicine. If you eat the foods that your body craves and avoid the foods that are not suited to your body, you can achieve the vibrant, energetic state of health that is your birthright. Basically, the food you will avoid are you there talk sick or inflammatory."

I thought the biggest weakness in THE AUTOIMMUNE SOLUTION is the lack of compelling scientific studies that led to her findings. The author has a lot of great experience as a medical doctor--and a lot of good ideas, no question. However, I'm not a hundred percent positive her conclusions were scientifically supported all the time. Oftentimes, the ideas are founded on her personal experience. That doesn't mean her ideas are false--it just makes me doubt a wee bit.

√ All in all, THE AUTOIMMUNE SOLUTION is an easy clear read, and very informative. I thought the biggest strength was the author's extensive experience as a medical doctor. It was interesting to hear about the various cases of patients, and how they overcame autoimmune problems by following her plan. The author also provides in Chapter Nine a "Thirty Day Protocol." This includes very simple meal plans and recipes. In other words, she's trying to make it easy and really prime you for success.

There are numerous, well-written appendices. Appendix A covers genetically modified organisms, Appendix B covers heavy metals, Appendix C talks about toxic mold, Appendix D talks about biological dentistry, Appendix E discusses detoxifying your home, Appendix F covers improving your sleep, and finally Appendix G is the Meyers way symptom tracker.

My Kindle edition was formatted well--no issues.


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