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One would think that the auto-biography of a hike would be boring. Not so here! I loved the pace of the writing, and the descriptions that came to life in my mind"s eye. I marveled at the fortitude it would take to accomplish this hike. This book gave me pause, to think about the unknown limit to my time and consider all the possibilities that lie ahead, just waiting my decision to convert the dreams into reality. I came to admire the author and his family. This book is best read in the quiet hours of the morning, enjoying the birdsong, the squirrels and chipmonks, and the gift of the day that lies ahead!,This was not only an interesting adventure but it was, for me, a trip down memory lane. Years ago, my husband and I took our 4 little girls and a big dog camping in a tent and hiking through some of the areas related in this wonderful book. I don't ordinarily read these types of books but this one was great.,What a book! What a magnificent journey! There were so many notable quotes in David Miller's book that I will be reflecting on for many years to come. I learned so many new things about this trail. I had no idea how popular it was. I chose this book because it was offered free from Kindle's Lending Library but then bought it because it was a book I wanted to own. David Miller writes engagingly, passionately, and without any exaggeration. His descriptions were marvelously detailed in the fullest of scope, and it made me want to hop on that trail and join him -- despite all the pain and hardships and Mosquitos and rocky boulders and rain that went with it.

I could almost envision the glorious sunrises and sunsets, the sightings of bears, and the beauty of nature's stillness and quiet as he wrote about his journey. I am not going to kid myself, however. There ain't no way I am ever going to be able to hike the AT. (AWOL, man, you lost me on the Mosquitos part of that trail!). However, my heart is filled with gladness, encouragement, and pride for those who have taken on this challenge! I especially liked the section on "81" who took many years to complete his walk through the AT.

Sometimes, a book ends abruptly, but not this one. What a wonderful ending David Miller has written in his epilogue and his answers to Frequently Asked Questions! He has given me a new window to look through, new doors of possibility, and whole worlds to explore on my own. How very thankful I am that he took the time to write this book and to hike that amazing trail. If you're looking for a book with heart that will motivate you to take on some of your own challenges in life -- no matter what they may be -- turn off the television, turn down the music, and get lost on a trail through the wilderness that will open your mind and heart and soul to the "more" in life that we all know is out there.,The author shared his respective periods of pain and elation, as he successfully traversed the almost 2,200 miles on the Appalachian Trail. Of much interest are the many hikers from various walks of life and age whom he encountered on the A.T. Woven into the author's chronological journal is a masterful job of expressing his mid-life decision to leave a successful job and absent himself for almost five months from a loving wife and three young daughters. One man's decision and his walk is an inspiration for many.

This reviewer downloaded AWOL on the Appalachian Trail and read it on an Amazon Kindle.,David gave a very realistic and accurate description of his thru-hike. It was the first of several that I read on the topic. He struck an interesting balance of on-trail and off-trail days...seemed just about right to me. Everyone has their own way, of course. His re-supply was also an eclectic mix of methods. That seems like a smart way to go. His descriptions of hiking through rain, mud, more rain, more mud, cold, sleet and getting caught in some lightning were good for others to read who hope to thru-hike. And then there's the grueling up and down mountains. The days of beautiful weather and breathtaking views are extra special and to be appreciated deeply. I expect that accomplishing this hike is one of the most rewarding experience someone can have, but it comes with a price, as all good things do. David wrote this well and it's a fascinating and realistic read.,I enjoyed this book immensely. It was insightful, informative and inspirational. Awol tells a compelling story about his thru-hike on the AT. His accounts of the pain he suffers, the people he meets, the places he goes, and the wildlife he encounters are clear and interesting. His writing is concise and doesn't bore the reader with minutiae. Kudos to Awol for thru-hiking the AT, and kudos to Awol for writing a story that convinced me that I need to add a thru-hike of the AT to my bucket list.,I'm about half way through this book. This guy is a great writer and story teller. I didnt know what to expect really but thought he would just tell a draw-out tale of details as he went along the train. However, he's very funny in the way he decribes things throughout and make it an enjoyable read. It's very informating as he provides details on the day-to-day grind of hiking the AT - not just an overall swatch of info as other books and articles do.

If you want to know how it would "feel" to hike the AT, this book give you that in detail,I am not a hiker or even an outdoorsman. That having been said I found this book a fine documentary about hiking the AT. I think many of us come to similar crossroads and as Noah Dearborn said, " What is the use of wanting to do something - if you don't go ahead and do it?"

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