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FINALLY – an engrossing true memoir by a fat woman (her phrase) who has succeeded at being an athlete in the world of long-distance running! But this memoir is much more than being an ultra-marathoner who has run up to a 62-mile race – it is about being “a beautiful work in progress.”

We tune in to an inspiring life overcoming childhood challenges in Brooklyn, becoming a musician, Spanish teacher, coach. The author, Mirna Valerio, tells her story simply and truthfully. In her early 30s, in 2008, she topped 300 pounds, had recurring pains in her chest, and feared a heart attack. After many tests, the doctor told her she was “morbidly obese” and would die if she didn’t change her lifestyle.

Mirna didn’t want to leave her young son motherless and her loving husband a widower. The next day she began running for her life! Soon she completed a mile run – in 17-plus minutes! Over the coming months she built up to 5K and then 10K. After two years of consistent training, she finally did a half marathon, and then her first marathon in 2011. Recently she completed a 100K (62-mile) run. Today, in her early 40s, she weighs 240 pounds but is athletic and healthy.

Mirna is proud of her body, but she doesn’t have the kind shown in “before and after” photos. Still, she has fully accepted who she is and shares that pride through her races, interviews, blog and book. She encourages others to have pride in who they are, not strive to measure up to society’s perfect body image.

Her story inspires me. I got a bit tired of too many details of her many marathons, but I’m sure runners will like those details. Also, some photos would’ve really helped us “see” her and be awed even more. (Like I did, you can easily do an internet search as she has been featured in magazines and TV shows.)

This book shares Mirna's journey in a relaxed way, lessons she has learned, painful losses of friends and family members to obesity, victories of marathons finished – a few times in last place!

This is her KEY LESSON which inspires me: “Lean into the discomfort. Embrace what is difficult.”

“Fat girl running, swimming,
moving, learning, pausing, progressing,
jiggling, rubbing, chafing, shaking,
sinking, rising, living,

Whether we’re athletes or not, this is a memoir to inspire and motivate us. I recommend it.,I'm simply staggered by Mirna Valerio's story; it's amazing and inspirational beyond what I can describe. Simply an amazing person. There are passages that left me uplifted and ones that left me in tears. I hope some in my family can read this story for inspiration to persevere despite health and weight problems, to use parents as inspiration and support, yet to improve every generation, to take the strengths from our parents and reach higher. Her writing is deceptively clear, easy to read, and at times quite lyrical. You can picture the trails meandering through the woods, the fall of rain, the encroaching dark, etc.

Mirna Valerio describes her childhood interwoven with her adult struggles and marathon runs. Even her DNF (Did Not Finish) runs are life lessons. I love how she doesn't beat herself up about choosing to save her health/avoid injuries and run further another day. She makes no excuses and simply flies higher.

I'm actually at a loss for words and will simply say that if you enjoy inspiring autobiographies, this one's for you. Mirna Valerio is one amazing lady.,Memoirs can be tough to write, that fine balance between self deprecating and negative a hair thin line to stand on. This one seems to fall into the self negative a shade too much given everything that the author is able and eager to do.

The author discusses her personal journey towards fitness & self-care, her family's history of - or lacking - healthy habits, and how it feels to pound the trails. She's completely, sometimes sadly, honest about the challenges of running and the toll it can take. She shares things that can be discouraging, like Did Not Finish races & Dead F'ing Last finishes.

The book is heartfelt, but the chapter changes feel more like reading a series of blog posts then a cohesive flowing book.,I was lucky to run (no pun intended) across Mirna via a Facebook post. It inspired me to look at her blog, which in turn led me to this book. It happened to be free for Amazon Prime members pre-publication date, and although it is well worth the .99 Kindle price, I chose to get it early. Mirna's story differs from other "fat girl" achievement stories by making the reality of remaining "fat" while still being an athlete an amazing, achievable THING. I personally believe that diet has a significant impact on overall health that is not reflected here. The lack of focus on eating healthfully almost made me give this 4 stars, but upon reflection--eating is a choice like anything else. Mirna's book is definitely a groundbreaking, easy read (although I must admit a love for the combo of f-bombs with 50 cent vocab!!! Ha!) , that will make you both laugh and cry at times. Mirna--I've started following your blog and FB page, you have SUCH a lovely way about you. xxx, --A,I finished this inspired and with a huge grin on my face. I have never met Miranda Valerie, but having read her story, I feel like I've spent an afternoon listening to her journey. And I'm amazed by how suspenseful a memoir can be: "Will she finish? Will she get that PR?" Highly recommend for any athlete or future athlete wanting inspiration.,Mirna is marvelous! What a great read! I thoroughly enjoyed every word. I'm amazed with and proud of the author for all of her accomplishments and perseverance! I'd like to read everything this author has written. I highly recommend this book!,I would recommend this book to runners, but also to those who don't run. Mirna's story is such an interesting and unique one. A good reminder that our stereotypes are just preconceived notions. These are often quite inaccurate. People should aspire to put effort into everything they do, just as Mirna does. Her levels of commitment, heart, and discipline are extraordinary. I found this book to be very inspirational.,The story is self-serving. The book is poorly written and even more poorly edited. Good thing it was free!

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