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I want to start this review by saying that as a parent, I really liked this book. It was well-written, fast-moving, and created enough curiosity to keep the pages moving well. However, since I bought the book for my 9-year-old, I'm going to add a few more points to my review.

The characters come from a wide variety of backgrounds, which I think is great. But I found some of situations to be a little heavy for what I want my nine-year-old reading just yet. Two of the characters have parents that have had divorces as a result of affairs (other girlfriends). One child was born when her mom was still in high school (maybe 16 or 17 years old, I don't quite recall). Though these situations are real - along with the sadness, grief, shame, and guilt that accompany them - I don't think I'm ready for that to take up space in my daughter's leisure reading time yet.

I realize that this is probably a more accurate reflection of society than I would hope, but those are a couple of things I would have wanted to know *before* my child read this book, so that I could have the chance to either 1) hold off for a while on introducing this book or 2) read it as a read-aloud so we could discuss these topics right then. As it happened, I was so intruiged by the book, I ended up reading it before I passed it on to her -- so for me, the problem was avoided.

I'm definitely sticking the book on the shelf for a year or two though, and plan to bring it out later. It was an excellent read with many good examples of good and bad behavior, and characters changing (an excellent life skill to learn!). I just think the nine side of the 9-12 age range was a little low, even if reading ability was considerably higher.,Because of Mr. Terupt Random House, 2010, pp. 269, .99
Rob Buyea ISBN 978-0-375-85824-6

"I think it was a case of Mr. Terupt being a special teacher."

Seven normal children are awed when the dazzling Mr. Terupt becomes a teacher. These seven children, similar to you and me, all have different personalities, but all have one thing in common: a bond with Mr. Terupt. Before the school year started, they thought that school was going to be the same old, boring building, but they were proven wrong by Mr. Terupt. This heart-warming tale as Mr. Terupt is knocked out cold shows what being there for someone in their time of need really means.

Mr. Terupt doesn’t teach normal; he teaches differently. He even makes math fun! He shows what it really means to learn. But then, all it takes is one mistake to go from good to bad. When one big mistake knocks Mr. Terupt down, he isn't able to get back up, which shocks the group. They all feel bad, and don't know what to do. Then they realize what it means to support each other.

I could really connect with this book as I was a mixture of the seven characters: Peter, the clown, Jessica, the new girl, Luke, the brain, Alexia, the queen bee, Jeffrey, the slacker, Danielle, the pushover, and Anna, the shy one. I recommend this book to anyone in middle school or at the end of elementary, and to anyone who has felt what the true meaning of friendship really is.

Although there is much drama, sadness, and mistakes all throughout the book, there is happiness scattered all around, by connecting with each other. Buyea, a former teacher, really knows children, and proves it with this hit book.,I liked that it was funny and in the book they separated the chapters with months and the kids.

People who like learning new words a lot should read this book and a whole classroom because it’s funnier and you learn more than usual.

Someone should read this book to learn new words and to be entertained and if you’re a teacher you can get classroom ideas.

I read this book because my classroom had to read it and because it’s also in 5 grade and they are almost like us.

The story is about 7 kids named Luke,Peter, Jeffrey ,Ana,Danielle ,Jessica,Alexia are all in a great class. Alexia is sassy, Luke is a nerd,Peter is a trouble maker, Jeffrey is a school hater,Ana is an out cast, Danielle is the fat girl who is bullied, and Jessica is the new girl.

I am a 5th grader just like Mr.Terupt’s class. This is a very good book. It gives you a lot of emotions like sad, excited, emotional, and much more. This book is one of the best books I’ve read. I got inspired to read this book because my teacher read this book and told me to read it is a very good book. In this book, there are different character like Luke, (intelligent) Alexia, (mean) Peter, (prankster) Anna, (quiet) Jeffery (says everything sucks) etc. In this book there are different twists and more. I give this book 5/5 stars. The main thing is that it is about 7 kids that have different emotions and there are different months and some are more special but it is based on a whole school year.,This book is hands down one of the best I've read, and I'm almost 40! I read along with my daughter a few years ago (she was age 11), as she chose this book for her book report. It's a great story and the many characters are so well written and so descriptive that you cannot help but love them all. The story touches on bullying, religion, "mean girls" as well as so many other useful topics. The book is told from all character views, and you will laugh and cry and gasp and want to share this book with others. The sequels are equally as good.

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