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The approach is to use lots of examples to build a vocabulary and a skill set dressing up rhythm guitar., I am just getting going with this but I feel that it's already improved my rhythm playing. I play Irish(which does not really benefit form this as it tends to be very regimented and support-oriented), bluegrass, early swing jazz and blues. As stated above these workouts don't apply much to traditional Irish tunes but is a real boon for all the other styles I play. Even so, the multitude of workouts when played with a metronome will improve any style of rhythm/accompaniment playing.I see some potential for using some of this material in acoustic solos where mixing chords and melody can really enrich a solo.,Thanks Simon.,By way of background, I'm a Berklee College of Music Grad from way back in 1981. My primary instrument is piano, which I also taught for 34 years, so I am very familiar w/ teaching materials in general. Additionally I'm a singer, songwriter, and producer.

I have played guitar on and off since I was a teenager but until recently it always took a backseat to piano and songwriting/composing. Lately however I've been putting a tremendous focus on really learning the guitar fretboard as well as thinking more like a guitar player and really exploring the idiomatic subtleties of the instrument.

One area that's been a major priority is rhythm playing. I'm a huge fan of the chordal approach of folks like Hendrix, SRV, Eric Johnson and Andy Timmons (and others) who have more melodic approach to their chordal playing. While "Beyond Rhythm Guitar" by Simon Pratt isn't specific to any particular player's style, it gives you a basic foundation to start thinking and therefore playing along those lines. I'm thoroughly impressed with it on many levels.

The material is presented in a way that is extremely user-friendly. It progresses from simpler to more complex ideas, and the ideas that are presented are excellent jumping off points to create your own ideas. So this is book is about much more than simply memorizing patterns but learning from a more conceptual basis which means the sky is the limit in terms of exploration. This makes using the materials really enjoyable and I find I really look forward to each practice session and what new nuggets will be revealed.

The other thing I really appreciate is the layout. The pages are clean and uncluttered which makes it visually inviting to work with. I wish all music authors would follow suit with this approach. There is nothing worse than having a page that is so overly cluttered that you have to waste valuable time trying to decipher what you actually need to focus on. This book lets you get down to what most students are interested in, actually playing their instrument.

Another really great feature is that there are audio files of all the examples in the book that can be downloaded online for free. This makes it much easier for someone to work with the book on their own. Hearing the examples is a huge benefit since there are many subtleties that are hard to express exclusively via music notation. This allows the student to try to emulate the performance before exploring their own variations on the material.

Last but not least, the book is a great price, around the cost of a single 30 minute guitar lesson!

Major kudos to Simon as well as the publisher for providing such an outstanding book! I will definitely check out more books in the Fundamental Changes series in the future when I am looking for more materials on my ongoing journey with the guitar.,After spending a few minutes reviewing what is in this ebook I am excited about adding it to my daily practice routine. Hope to learn a lot about it, I have several other books by Joseph that have also helped me in my playing..,As a beginner I'm always looking to enhance my playing. This book clearly showed simple methods to play creative riffs.,Appreciated the simplicity in explanation of how to use fills within rhythm playing. I've been looking for a book like this. What made it truly amazing were the audio examples that are available.,My review is based solely on the readability of this publication on a Kindle. The numbers notations on musical notes are unreadable because they are too small to be readable. Because of this problem, I did not read the text.

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