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Yes! I've been waiting for Ashlee and Beau's story and it was fabulous! Love the spunky Ashlee and that she has always loved Beau. It was a wonderful romance!,I loved everything about this book! I loved the characters, the plot line, the southern feel. And I really love that I got to see characters that I'd already grown to love again and see how their lives were going!

Ashlee is such a fun character, she's sassy and sweet. I loved the way she was, she was just like one of the princesses she played, except with a bunch of toads around her to kiss! I loved that she wasn't one of those girls that is going to get pushed around. There were a couple of guys that tried that, but she firmly put them in their place and got away from them. I loved that she had a loving character, it was so fun to watch her with Beau's grandma and all of the other older people his grandma lived around.

Then there's Beau. Wow, I really liked him. I liked that he was the southern gentleman he was. He was always watching out for Ashlee, even though he wasn't quite sure how he felt about her. Little sister...grown woman??? I loved that he was so confused. It was also really fun to watch these two characters together. Ashlee is just impetuous, she's always running out of gas because she doesn't check. Beau is just meticulous, he's been in the Army and he doesn't do anything without planning out the outcome first. These two characters are just so good for each other.

There's plenty going on in this one plot wise to keep your mind occupied. I loved the senior center parts, I loved Ashlee's job parts, I loved Beau fixing up his grandma's house or working on his motorcycle. And it was really fun to see Ashlee's siblings again, to see how happy they are and how their lives are going!

This is a fun book! I didn't want to put it down until it was over!,What I liked:

The story was very sweet and funny.  The plot was well developed and the pace of the story was great (with the exception noted below).

It was easy to experience the emotions that Ashlee did throughout the story.  Though she was beautiful, she was insecure, feeling like she was incompetent and always in the shadow of her "perfect" twin and older brother.  And Beau was sweet and dense and made some bad choices.  Which made him perfectly imperfect.

The secondary characters were also enjoyable.  While many came from previous books in the series, it has been so many books since I read them, I didn't remember their stories, but it didn't detract from my enjoyment of this one.  So it can stand alone with no problem.

What I didn't like:

Too many typos and grammatical errors.  I get really distracted by grammar errors in stories.  I don't always mention them, but there were enough in this story it was distracting to me.  I blame my mom for this.  :-)  I hope the author gets a good proof-reader for her next book.  She is too good a writer to let things like this detract from her stories.

The ending.  Not that it wasn't satisfactory - it was.  It was just that parts of the epilogue felt a little like the author realized that she had loose ends to tie up, so she resolved a bunch of things there all at once.  It wasn't quite like a laundry list, but some of the details could have been left out or the resolutions could have been explained a little more creatively.

This review was originally posted on Among the Reads (amongTheReads.net),Adorable!

I really enjoyed this one! Ashlee has had a childhood crush on her brother's best friend Beau for most of her life, but he only has ever looked at her as a little sister. He joins the military and they go their separate ways. Jump ahead six years and when they both return to their small hometown they're reunited and realize a lot has changed in those six years and she's not so little or sister-like anymore.

I was sucked into this one right from the start and ended up staying up way to late reading, if I didn't have to get my kids up and ready for school the next morning I probably would have stayed up even later to finished. I was actually glad I was able to get my kids off to school and then finish up this morning. I really enjoyed the story and characters. Ashlee and Beau are both likable leads and have amazing chemistry. It's nice that they've known each other for so long and it was fun to watch as they realized their feelings for each other went beyond friendship.

Overall, this was the perfect escape for me. I liked reunited with past characters (stands well on its own) and I love the small-town charm. Definitely a favorite series of mine and one I would totally recommend!,I was first introduced to Ashlee in Under a Georgia Moon. She was the kid sister of Chase Nichols one of the main characters. Then I got to know her a little better as the twin to one of the main characters Taylin in Just a Kiss in the Moonlight. She in love with Chase's best friend Beau through both books. She is only 17 in the first one but by the second book she is 24 and still can't seem to rid herself of her love for Beau even though she hasn't seen him in 6 years. I was so excited to see she was going to get her own story and that Beau would be in it. Will Beau finally notice that Ashlee is no longer a little girl or will he still allow the 10 year age difference to get in the way? This romance is so much fun to read. Ashlee is very spontaneous and Beau is so careful to think over and plan everything. The two are opposites who compliment each other. The chemistry between them is sizzling in a good clean way but also laugh out funny in some parts. I highly recommend this book!
I read a complimentary copy of this book. The review is my own opinion.

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