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This is a remarkable, very well written, and thought provoking book that is part essay, and part research findings, and and part theology. It addresses death without submerging the reader into darkness and allows them to see the beauty that the defining moment of death adds to the lives of others.

My undergraduate work was focused on a death-related discipline. The author touches on some fascinating concepts that I haven't previously read about such as the empowerment of active remembering and the previously unspoken impact of disenfranchised grief. I have been on the end of the latter multiple times and it is comforting to see it recognized...PERIOD.

There are passages from this book that paint images that will stay with me always, especially the chapter on Front Door Policy and specifically because the author experienced it with a person who suffered from severe dementia and would have be written off at other institutions long before she passed away.

The chapter Broken Open is one of the most beautiful concepts that I have read about and so poignantly true. I am in awe that the author could communicate this so seamlessly. Absolutely beautiful.

As I wrote this I am the fourth reviewer and the previous reviews have been less than favorable. I do not understand this at all. I started reading this on a Saturday evening and finished the last few pages the next morning. It is riveting and far from boring. This is a book that can bring about personal growth. I am still in awe. If in doubt, PLEASE give this book a try. If I could offer it more stars, I would. Death is one of the few universal experiences that all humans share and it is rarely presented in relation to beauty or living. This book is a rare gem on the topic.,This book wasn't exactly what I was looking pecking. I enjoyed the book. It gave insight into Caleb's personal journey in the funeral industry. He shared insights on the family funeral business. I was moved by some of the stories he shared about death expected and unexpected. He shared his conflict with what his calling would be professionally. It is definitely worth the read and is thought provoking. I found it a bit heavy on the religious aspect. Caleb seems like a kind soul and truly dedicated to his profession.,As a pastor, Caleb Wilde challenged me to look with fresh eyes at how the church has viewed death. This man knows his subject first hand and knows how to find a new narrative of life in what the world sees as the end of life. I’m grateful for his honest struggles as many I share. This book is a must for pastors, for students of theology, and for those seeking a better handle on a topic we have shunned. Mr. Wilde has given us permission to think anew and I’m grateful.,I found the author's website a few years ago and immediately was hooked. His way of talking about one of the only certain things in life, with a little bit of humor and straight forwardness is extremely refreshing. This book shows that there is nothing to fear from death and to look beyond the immediate.,This book was just as great as I thought it would be. I really hope Caleb writes another one.,Love this book,It wasn't at all what I expect it would be, but that's why I loved it so much. Anyone can tell you "secrets" or stories you've heard a million times about what dead bodies do or tell you what the industry is like, but Caleb shares heartfelt experiences which makes it so personal. I don't work in the industry (oh, if only blood wasn't scary and corpse purge wasn't a thing), but have been following Caleb's blog for some time now. He has a very dry sense of humor, and has actually help me accept death as something not so terrifying. What exactly changed my perspective? I haven't a clue. I think his humor and professionalism is really what did it for me. He introduced many readers to green burials, and shared information with us that can help the readers with loved ones' funerals, as well as their own. For instance, did you know you can speak to your Funeral Director about dressing your loved one for their viewing? I had no clue about that, until I read the book.

While Caleb does have a background in Theology, he isn't forcing religion down your throat. The chapters are laced with various first hand experiences, and his own thoughts on God. As an Agnostic, I appreciate his way of thinking in Chapter 5, where he discussed his views of God while being in the presence of a deceased infant. He put into words EXACTLY what my thoughts are of God, if it ends up that he is real.

Chapter 8 made me tear up. I really want to continue with details on what I loved, but it would ruin the book for those of you who want to read it first hand. All I have to say though, is that chapter 8- "Front Door Policy", made me realize that there are so many caring and loving people left in this world who DO care and embrace the beauty of death. That it's not something to be ashamed of, and that deceased leave this world with the dignity and respect given by those who cared for them as they lived out their last days.

I've been reading reviews where people thought it was boring, and I'm not sure I understand their logic. Caleb's blog is blatantly informative on the side of science and interesting facts and stories, but this is a book about his life. This is a book written from his heart as to why he chose the Death care industry after second guessing his career path. These are special stories that he has held close to him that he has shared with us in a very intimate way. Being a Funeral Director has always intrigued me, and Caleb's words shed light on exactly what goes on behind doors. And how those in the death care industry feel emotions far more deeply than one could fathom.

I absolutely love the fact that this book was not at all what I thought it would be. Each famous Funeral Director on social media has different personalities and a different point of view, and this was different than what I have read before from Caleb, but was so addicting. I loved that there was humor, but also seriousness, and I am so glad that Caleb put his amazing work into words by publishing a book after many years of sharing the industry with us. Bravo, Caleb!

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