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This isn’t the first cookbook that I’ve read by the author so far, so admittedly I did go into the read with quite high expectations – but even then, I must admit that the author has impressed me yet again and not only met those expectations, but went above and beyond as far as quality goes. In fact, I’d be willing to go as far as to say that this recipe book is just as good as the last few I’ve read, combined.

What I admire about this book is that many of the recipes have a very healthy, low-fat foundation to them. This is perfect for me as I currently have a very strict diet due to my exercise regime, so I was very pleased to find that there are MANY more recipes to choose from that suit my lifestyle than I was originally expecting. Even more importantly, the recipes don’t sacrifice taste just for the sake of healthiness which is absolutely essential when it comes to these kind of books, in my opinion. Overall, I’m more than satisfied with the author’s work so far and I definitely recommend trying out the lemony chicken pasta and the lamb with thyme recipes. I do wish that the book had some pictures to compliment the recipes, to help make it easy to decide what to pick. But other than that, I’m very happy so far.,Many of the recipes seem to be cribbed from a slow cooker recipe book. And are missing details I think are essential for a cook book - many steps are skipped. I learned a couple of tips by reading almost 50 reipes, but mostly this is poorly and quickly done. ut it was very cheap. That was the best part.,I recently purchased an instant pot and have fallen in love with it. I was unhappy however with the first recipe book I purchased. It did not have well written recipes and had a lot of errors. I searched for recipe books specifically for instant pots, then sorted the results by price. I found several books that were free on Amazon! This is ideal since I can download the books and not feel disappointed if there are too many mistakes or recipes that I wouldn't want to try. It worked out well for me! This book, along with many others, had some great recipes and tips that I was able to use without having to buy the whole book.,The 300 Instant Pot Cookbook is written for the use of the Instant Pot. Many of us have a slow cooker, pressure cooker, pots and pans, but the Instant Pot is a versatile piece of kitchen equipment that needs this cookbook for a variety of dishes. It is easy for all levels of cooking abilities and has tasty recipes. Some recipes are so easy that it seems more effort than doing it on the stovetop, but some people love their Instant Pot so much or have very little space in their cooking area that these easy recipes make life simpler. I loved the Garlicky Roasted Potatoes because of its simplicity, and I know it's done compared to roasting in my old oven where the temperature is not as accurate. The Zucchini Zoodles sound like a fun and tasty way to bring more veggies to my kids' plates. I have bookmarked so many more recipes to try. For easy, homemade recipes using any of the cooking modes from sauté to high pressure, this cookbook will inspire you to use the Instant Pot more often.,This book contains a fantastic collection of various instant pot recipes that are tasty and healthy at the same time. Most of the ingredients can be easily found in any grocery store, and the directions are short, clear, and easy to follow. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who owns (or intents to buy) an instant pot.,Did not meet expectations! Most of the recipes were of soups, stews etc., and most contained curry. Preface posted that it had pictures of every dish...not one picture.,I should have read the negative reviews prior to purchasing this cook book. I would NOT have purchased it if I had read the many, many negative reviews.
I am very disappointed with this recipe book. I do not believe that anyone reviewed it or edited it for spelling/grammar errors prior to printing. I don't believe that the recipes were checked prior to printing this book either. The book is loaded with numerous errors.
There are no photos in this book even though on page 13 it states, "Every recipe in this book contains a photograph so that you can judge the dish by its looks." Let me state again THERE ARE NO PHOTOS IN THIS BOOK!!!!,Hi

I like playing around with different recipe's and different cooking devices. This book provides an in-depth overview on how to use instant pot cooker. This book is very comprehensive and covers a really wide range of recipes for every type of meal.

Also the recipe's are both simple and highly tasty including instant pot hot chocolate, egg and chicken casserole and sweet potato mayo and cream, for example.

So definitely a good read for anyone who wants to try out instant pot cooking!

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