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This book comes at a point in my own career at which I am discovering that studying my tail off to become a far better engineer will only net me a slight premium in income, and at a point at which I might be tiring of being treated derisively by managers and company owners, in spite of the fact that the work we do as software developers has become critical to keeping every company afloat.

Developer Hegemony provides some good guidance as to how to escape this trap and perhaps change the industry for the better.

The book is very well-researched and cleverly written. It gives the background on employment arrangements since the middle ages, to give some historical background. It discusses the author's own view on corporate advancement, and then lays out a plan for potentially better situations to come.

I have wondered whether the section covering corporate advancement might be exceedingly cynical (the author acknowledges thoroughly that it is indeed cynical), looking around at my current work place and thinking to myself, "This place is definitely at least *somewhat* more merit-based than the typical large corporation in the book but ... maybe not, and maybe the book is spot on." Regardless of cynicism, the perspective given in the book is *extremely useful,* so much so in fact that I plan on re-reading the book and taking thorough notes.,Erik lays out a difficult-to-digest truth in Developer Hegemony: we will never reach our full potential by following the traditional corporate path. Programmers will never call the shots or have the same respect as their business-minded peers in our current capacity. Fortunately, there's a way forward - from Idealist, to Pragmatist, to Opportunist. I'll be sending copies to every developer I know!,I'm reading this at every opportunity, but wanted to offer an early review: Eric's articulation of the corporate pyramid tracks very well with my experiences. His breakdown of economic interests & gains is well done and long over-due. Unfortunately for me, I can attest the accuracy of the compensation model he describes. I especially recommend this to young knowledge workers.,This monumental work is a must-read for all knowledge workers, especially Software Developers. This book has helped me grasp the workings of the corporate model and to understand how knowledge work is simply incompatible as things stand today. But not to worry, there's a way forward!

I'm seeing life very differently, thanks to the insights in Developer Hegemony. I have no doubt there will be some changes in my future!

HIGHLY recommended!,While I found this book to be incredibly enlightening, and would honestly recommend it to anyone working in software development, or in knowledge work in general, I found the conclusion to be unsatisfying. But I think that's okay... more below.

This book not only put a name to many frustrations I've felt in my career, but also helped make me aware of a few phenomena I had never really even noticed. It paints a pretty glum picture of the corporate world, but promises light at the end of the tunnel.

And I believe there is light at the end of the tunnel, but I also think the author's vision (small teams of "efficiencer" consultancy firms) is a bit too narrowly-focused (and the only reason I didn't offer 5 stars). But that shouldn't detract from the book as descriptive, and thought-provoking.

I highly recommend this book.,Developer Hegemony is one of those rare books which change your perspective. It isn't full of the usual BS you'll find in other books.

Just first half of the book is a valuable enough and has a lot of insights. Once you read it, you'll start noticing how the corporate world around you is actually functioning and what you can do to get ahead.

A must read, not only for developers but anyone working in a corporate environment.,Having been a software developer for two large corporations (neither of which are software companies), I found this book intriguing after hearing Erik on a number of podcasts. Read the book....mind blown!

I always wondered why I had to give up programming to get a head. His sad and somber description of playing the corporate game to get ahead made me realize that the path to CFO or CEO is fraught with ethical and moral challenges, let alone having to give up what I love. None of us knowledge workers should comply with this model any longer. I read this book slowly and quite thoroughly, mostly because I knew that when it ended, things have to change for me (and that is scary).

I truly enjoyed this book, wish I had read it 15 years ago, and would recommend this book to any sort of knowledge worker.

Caution: if you are a software developer in a large corporate environment, trying to get ahead, this book will change you. It will change your perspective (rightly so). Be prepared for that.,Excellent head-whack for developers who think that learning more languages will move them forward in the corporate-dev world. How to either master the game being played around you, or take advantage of owning your own means of production.

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