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I have been living a Paleo Lifestyle for about 15 months now and it has transformed my overall health and my body weight. Dr. Gundry's book is a natural extension of a Paleo Lifestyle that provides well researched information about how to maintain and extend a more healthful approach to what we do everyday... EAT. For myself, my GURD has completely healed and I no longer take medications to control acid reflux. Also, the inflammation that was at the root of my joint pain and dental issues has totally subsided... all without medication. I strongly encourage anyone who suffers from "aging" symptoms to increase your knowledge of how our diet practices directly effect our overall health and weight.,I have been using Dr. Gundry's products for the past six weeks. I have found some limited results, and I think am willing to keep trying with the products I have. I am giving this review three stars because of Dr. Gundry's marketing techniques. These techniques have raised red flags to the point that I wonder if this isn't a scam and he is a QUACK. When I have ordered the products, the web site keeps trying to get me to order more and more. Certainly, it does not seem professional. Yesterday was the final straw.. I received a telephone call with a caller ID that was a local number. It was someone from Gundry's group trying to sell me more product. Super red flags for me!,Excellent!!!!
The only thing I didn't like about it is his selling of his products. For me, a 76 year old retired lower-middle class person, they are too expensive.
Maria,I have been on this diet 4 weeks have lost 11 lbs and my liver values are normal. I am taking Vital Red daily.,I've used this system for over a year now. It is awesome, and has changed my outlook on the world around me. Simply realizing the effect different types of food have on my body is critical. The concept of summer and winter foods is amazing and works like a charm.

First, the good things, the things to focus on:

I lost about 40lbs so far
I got my BMI down to the healthy range
I am below my weight as an 18 year old (I am 39)
People tell me how I have changed for the better
I took off about 6 inches in my waistline
Most of this happened in the first 3 months
I've held my current weight for about 6 months
Cholesterol and other indicators moved to far healthier levels

I can live with this diet. It is doable. The results happen fast and make the system fun.


Getting your family to remove or reduce bread access in the house, and to not make bread-based foods. Dr. Gundry talks about the strong desire to eat any and all available high-sugar, high-carb foods is so strong that you need cooperation from your team on this, especially when you're starting out.

Buying new clothes was fun, but expensive. I actually found myself slowing my weight decline so that I could fit my old clothes until I could buy new. That's probably a good thing. You don't want to lose more than about 50lbs in a year, due to health issues that could cause.


Going slow with the changes is helpful. Certain things need to happen fast: you need to reduce certain foods immediately. You replace them with a heck of a lot of green leafies and other things that will help you reduce cravings. But you need to make sure you're eating a lot at first, and slowly reduce, gradually, naturally, as your body needs less and less. You'll feel it.

Omega-3 oils really helped me get through the first part of the diet -- olive oil, particularly. I was so deficient I needed tons of it at first. I have found this true of other men I know who have done it with me.

Finding foods you like:

You need to find things you love to eat, and keep the ingredients around all the time. Here are some of my favorites. There are many choices, you need to find your own.

Pistachios and Macadamia nuts (unsalted, both): It took a while to figure out which I liked and where to get them, but now I have yummy snacks stashed everywhere, work, car, home, travel bag.

Omega-3 eggs and crab cakes: I found lump crab cakes with minimal breading available at Costco. Crab, shellfish and eggs are all high in Omega-3 and protein. I find that they're tasty and easy to make quickly.

Boxes of arugula, spring mix, spinach are amazing: I buy the pre-washed, ready to eat kind. Organic doesn't even matter for the diet, although I prefer the flavor. Just get fresh, tasty greens. I keep them always ready in our fridge. When hungry, I can go there first. It is always easy to make a salad, I just grab and apply oils and olives and other delicious things.

Green smoothies. I LOVE my green smoothies. I can make an huge, delicious healthy meal in under 5 minutes:
Pre-washed spinach or arugula (2-3 big handfuls - pack it in)
some blueberries or strawberries(reduce amount for less sugar, but some sweetness)
peanut butter - one glob
cinnamon - a dash
soy or almond milk (minimal, again, for flavor)
dark chocolate
Blend in a powerful blender. The Vitamix is my favorite, but the brand doesn't matter, the power does. Drink immediately. Adjust to add more and more spinach over time.

Reading this book and talking to Dr. Gundry has completely changed my outlook on food. I highly recommend it to everyone, not just people who think they need a diet. If you don't already eat a lot of green, leafy vegetables you need to think about doing it. It's amazing for your overall health. This book outlines how to get comfortable with that diet and shift away from your old diet without making yourself crazy.

It takes time, dedication, and practice, but it gets easier, and it's soooo worth it. Good eating, everyone!,This man saved my wife from a life of medicine and side effects from her heart attack,He is a well known Heart Dr. I follow his diet. He teaches you about Lectin which is bad for our diets. Just go to website
Dr. Gundry .com and learn what lectin is doing harm to our body. I am having great success.,what a fool I was to buy this book. First, I watched a video where he said to never, ever eat any soy! Then in his book, soy recipes all over the place. What a fraud.

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