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I have to thank Kevin dearly for this book. It was this book that helped me get my start as an entrepreneur. This book was the seed that started me on the right path of success. Because of the knowledge I gathered from this book, it has led me towards further development of myself and the molding of my entrepreneur mind. This is something that you should get if you want to be an entrepreneur. Successful people always talk about the importance of copying the steps of other successful people in order for you make it too and potentially a lot quickly, because a lot of the trails and errors have already been done. This book has given me nothing, but gold. This is one of the most valuable books that I own, because it has given me my start and provided the mind priming that I needed. This book has the basics that you need to create your foundation for success. It's also great for advanced people too, because it has some great reminders for you and some things that you didn't even think about trying out. Heck, I might go back and read it again. Let's just say this, if you don't want to be successful, then don't buy this book.

Achieving success starts with the right mindset. Before pursuing a life as an entrepreneur you need to first think like one. You need to understand what habits they practice, what morals they follow, and what systems they use. This book provides all of that for you. This book is way underpriced. It could potentially be worth millions to you, if you follow the proven steps that this great book has to offer. The only reason I gave it 5 stars was, because they didn't have 6 stars as an option. Long story short, buy this book today and start your year right.,An easy read with many great motivational type quotes. Substance was less than compelling! For a beginning entrepreneur the 100 May be overwhelming, however I didn't disagree with any of them. I really like the corporate veil and the advice to have several bankers to spread the risk...so true.,As an entrepreneur you know you are embarking in a journey taking by few, with no true direction of success. In reality you are a whole different individual than most people, and only real entrepreneurs would understand that, but we thrive in uncertainty and that is what we love. Kevin's book "The entrepreneur mind' supplies you with a set a skills that can definitely boost your efficiency as an entrepreneur and help you surpass your entrepreneurial goals. This book unlike most books is not only extremely motivating but is equally equipped with the right information that through osmosis of information opens up your mind so you can satisfy your entrepreneurial thirst of adequate information to grasp your own success. There are very few books that are up to par with the information contained in this book and it is a definite must-have in any successful businessperson's library of top books. One of my favorite points that Kevin D. Johnson transmits in his book is that having the will to succeed is required but not enough to be the best at what you want to be. You have to have the required tools that let you leverage your power and let you get ahead of the competition. This book shows you exactly how to do that. Im sure you will not only enjoy this read but actually benefit greatly from your purchase. In my humble opinion this book should go for more money, so take advantage and be ready to learn how to have what it takes to be truly successful as an entrepreneur. - Carlos Sanchez Romo,This was the first book I have read about entrepreneurship. I thought it was a very good book. After the first two chapters, I thought he seemed a little arrogant, but it did not last long and I quickly got over it. He obviously is very good at what he does, and talking about his experiences and success is a necessary part of the book. The way he puts his experiences into tangible lessons is very valuable to the reader. The only topic I wish he would have discussed more is specific steps he took in growing his business from the very beginning to a mature company. For example, when is the right time to hire more people such as accountants and lawyers? I think growing a startup that sells a physical product could be very different than growing one that provides a software or service (as in this case). But, that really wasn’t the point of the book, and I’m sure there are other books for that. Once I read a few more books on entrepreneurship, I’ll be able to make some comparisons, but right now I would say it is definitely worth the read, especially if you have a science/engineering background.,As a college student and serial entrepreneur, I thought I was well versed on innovative and getting my product to market -- oh how naïve I was. I LOVED all of Kevin's personal stories because it gave me the confidence and motivation that I could achieve the same status. Furthermore, his presentation of the trials and tribulations and how he overcame such obstacles will be incorporated into my pocket of tricks.

Kevin's writing style combined with great book organization makes for a quick and easy read. I have already added numerous copies to my cart as gifts for close friends and fellow entrepreneurs,

What are you waiting for?! Buy yours today!,A very accessible read with many nuggets of sound advice and observations. For someone who has dreams of entrepreneurship or is just beginning a business, Johnson offers valuable tips that can help develop the right frame of mind. These days, with so many people absorbed with redistributing wealth or even destroying it through soul-crushing taxation and regulation, it's great when someone celebrates the virtue of wealth creation, even with all its numerous disappointments, setbacks, risks and thankless days.

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