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Robert Dugoni has done it again. my only regret is that I have to wait until May for the 3rd book in the series to be published for kindle :( .
the book is well written, the story unfolds very well. The characters are, once again, perfect for the story line. Tracey and her team work so well together. There are bad guys of a different type in this book. To understand that, you must read it. But it is a read worthwhile for sure. You get absorbed into the story, and you feel what the characters feel, remorse, pain, fear, the adrenalin spiking and all that goes with it. You know how sometimes you are watching a show, or a movie, and you just want to take your hand and smack one of the characters across the face? Well, this book makes you want to do that to one in particular. I still feel like slapping him silly, and I finished the book last night.
Take this book, curl up on the couch with a blanket [if your weather has turned chilly like ours just did] and enjoy the time reading this one.,Do read this one because it is a suspenseful and riveting story for thriller fans.

I felt the action somewhat slow for the first chapter. Then I was hooked when an unexplained noise from a darkened area around a shooting range grabs Tracy's attention, and she finds a rope noose hanging on the gate to the range. It is dark, and no one is around to explain the sinister message.

The action speeds up, suspense begins to mount, and it is definitely a roller-coaster ride thereafter! The narrative is done with such aptitude that the characters and the activities are so vivid that I could picture the galvanic and horrifying scenes!

Tracy Crosswhite is a very dedicated, compassionate and capable police officer. She does have a mind of her own, and when she believes she is right, she plunges ahead without regard of what the action might do to her career. She is; however, careful, astute and mindful of her and her fellow officer's safety. Tracy is a character that the reader will like from the beginning.

The plot is well-developed, and the story is well-crafted and flows fairly smoothly. Tracy is heading an investigation into bringing the serial killer, nicknamed Cowboy, to justice. There are many suspects to choose from. Just when I thought I had everything figured I would discover I was mistaken. The villain is definitely mentally warped, and performs heinous crimes against women who dance in “gentleman's” clubs and those who use their bodies to earn a living. He is despicable; however, there are several other characters with low moral values as well. They; however, are not killers. In her desperate effort to catch the killer before he kills again, Tracy delves into the lives and activities of each suspect, and there are quite a few.

Her boss, Johnny Nolasco; however, is someone that deserves every ounce of contempt that is flung his way. He is jealous of Tracy's capabilities, and he humiliates and demoralizes her every chance he gets. Tension mounts between the two when Tracy begins to connect the path leading from a murder ten years prior. The old case was one that Nolasco worked, and he is not delighted to have Tracy looking into the cold case files. She is taken off the Cowboy case and is assigned a desk job and shuffle papers. Cowboy is very elusive, smart and he does not plan to be caught. However, Tracy has every intention of bringing the killer to justice.,Robert Dugoni lays all his talent on the line in this second book in the Tracy Crosswhite series. It's obvious he's an exceptionally gifted writer and no "one-hit wonder". Sequels or ongoing series often loose some momentum after the introductory story but definitely NOT in this case. This story may not be as emotionally charged as the first but I think that's based on the plot line rather than any weakness on the part of Mr. Dugoni. This is another well crafted work of fiction with deftly created, well defined characters, a complex storyline that keeps the reader intrigued throughout, and enough twists and turns to qualify as an amusement park roller coaster! The end is just as strong as the beginning and the ride doesn't slow down for a minute. So settle in with your beverage of choice, a comfortable chair with good lighting and dive into the world of crime that makes you forget that it's fiction and pulls you along this adventurous, exciting, frustrating and addictive series! It's fabulous!!,Dugoni writes with intelligence and a skillful balance of dramatic tension and backstory. The Tracy Crosswhite series, despite the presence of occasional plot cliches-- e.g. the over-used heroine/damsel in distress schtick-- and some hastily conceived and sometimes contrived endings, the series overall provides solid reading entertainment and I will continue to read books in this series.,I really thought this book was really good. What I particularly liked was the way Mr. Dugoni keeps you guessing the last few pages of his books until he lets on "who done it!" The characterization in his books is so that you pick up on each character's individual personality. And I have always enjoyed series of books that carry some of the characters from book to book. When I finished this one of this series, I immediately started the third book of the series which promises, at this point, to be just as good a read as the first two. His books have great plot lines, plenty of action, some romance, and a little sex, and to me that makes them great reads. Keep it up, Mr. Dugoni, you have created an avid fan in this old lady!,Can this series get any better? Another serial killer and homicide detective Tracy Crosswhite is in the middle of it. And on her back is her captain, Nolasco, doing all he can to discredit her. Even with this as a subversive subplot, Tracy and her team -- Kins, Faz, Del, Mayweather, et.al., determinedly plow through evidence and suspects and keep coming up empty. And the killing of "exotic" dancers continues. Taut, tight and sometimes downright terrifying, Robert Dugoni gives the reader few breathable moments. Add in Dan, Tracy's lover, and I am satisfied thoroughly with the entire story. Don't get me wrong, this is no chick lit with really mushy love scenes and scattered detective work. This is a tough police procedural with all the politics, frustration, anger and sometime rewards that attach to it. Gritty and dangerous. Thank you Mr. Dugoni.

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