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This one picks up 2 months after the ending of the first book. This one picked up the pace and we find Kali and her friends escaping and going across the desert.
Although book one drew me in this one did it better. You can tell how much the author has matured as a writer and man I couldn't put this one down! I really loved reading about Kali and her friends once again and I love how much she has grown as a character.

Kalinda and Captain Deven Naik are still going on with their simmering romance that I really hope we get even more of. I love that it wasn't really love at first sight and that it did take a little while for them to fall for each other.

The world that the author has created was wonderful in this one we get to see so much more of the empire than we did in book one and I hope that continues into book three.

This one has a lot of twists, turns, and a few surprises that you just don't know what is really going on and who you can trust. The Bhuta powers in this one worked out even better than book one and man o man you will be at the edge of your seat I know I was.

I really loved where this story is going and I can't wait to see what we get in book three coming out this Feb.

One thing I will say that this one did not suffer from the normal book two's it was engaging and fantastic!,I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


Let me just preface this review by saying that I adored The Hundredth Queen, so The Fire Queen had some pretty big shoes to fill.

I was a little weary at first when I read that The Fire Queen was going to have another tournament in it, just like The Hundredth Queen, but I was pleasantly surprised by how different they were. The Fire Queen's tournament was mostly about what the contestants were capable of accomplishing alone. The trials were made to test both the mind and the body of the women (I also have to admit - I got serious Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire vibes from this book!).

I loved how Kali grew as a person in The Fire Queen, even though she had enemies from all sides trying to keep her down. More often than not Kali did the right thing; She was the bigger person and tried to help people even when they sneered and yelled at her. She also kept fighting even when the Sultan cheated and pit all the odds against her. By the end of the novel she finally was able to utilize her full powers and help save the ones she loved.

I think the only thing I didn't like about this book was the role of Ashwin. I don't enjoy love trianges, so Ashwin trying to fight for Kali and come between Deven and her was a little gross to me. Ashwin had only known Kali for a very short while when he pretty much decided he loved her. I am very glad that by the end of the book Kali saw sense and stuck with Deven (even though Ashwin is going to be hurt/childish about it).

I am excited to read the last book in the series and see how Kali and crew handle the Voider and Hastin.,The first book in this series was very, very good. This book is even better. The characters are challenged and twisted to fit their destinies though they fight against the inevitable. Kali has many hard decisions, as does Devin. Together they stumble toward an uncertain future. Can they protect and save their world from the power that has been released? I look forward to finding out.,Emily R. King has such a way with words. She builds worlds that I can see so clearly and characters that I vibrant and full of depth. In this sequel to her debut novel "The Hundredth Queen", she certainly doesn't disappoint. I am already looking forward to the third book in the installment "The Rogue Queen"!,This is good brain candy! I've read both books in this series. It's loosely based on Hindu mythology. It's very easy to read, and thoroughly enjoyable. The characters are easy to relate to, and believable. The descriptions are evocative, without being overdone. I started the Fire Queen and couldn't put it down. Read the whole book in one sitting!,Emily King does it again. This is a beautifully woven story with a plot that doesn't disappoint. I love the richness of the characters and the world. Some authors stumble on the second book in a series, but this sequel is just as fantastic as the first!,Well-written but not as engrossing as the first book in the series.,Great story that got better as I continued to read. I am looking forward to the release of Book 3. Emily does a great job of developing Kali's story.

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