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I was expelled from Catholic school for simply being a nonconformist and uninterested in a culture and atmosphere of oppressive nuns and priest. Over the past 10 years I've found my mind free, exploring, asking question that needed an understanding of mathematical language to be answered. I've returned to school in the hunt for a Ph.D. in anything math or physics so I can raise my level of understanding, or acquire tools needed to reach a greater level of consciousness. Richard, you've confirmed what I've already assumed to be some possible answers. Forward we push.

Oh, loved the Q.E.D touch back in one of the chapters...,This book speaks of many of the harsh truths about religion. For someone on the fence between belief/non-belief, this book is an effective tool in persuading you to use your logic and reason to determine whether or not the idea of a god, especially a Christian god, is in any way, shape or form, reasonable. However, I think that most Christian's will be appalled at the directness of Richard Dawkin's views on religion and specifically Christianity. However, one of his main points is that religion should be analyzed at the same level that we analyze anything else, so taking offense to this only proves his points even more. It is a good book and I encourage you to read it.,As a non scientist, Dawkins' explanations of the natural world leave me more optimistic about life than religion ever has.,It wasn't until I read this book that I realized how immersed I was in the beliefs of Christianity. I had already been an atheist for some time, but I was under the impression that the sheer number of believers (including my parents and extended family) conveyed some sort of legitimacy to the Christian belief system. This book disabused me of that notion, and also made me realize just how strange some of Christianity's core beliefs are.

Previous to reading this book, I read John Lennox's Gunning for God, in order to get the other side of the argument. Maybe it is because I just don't believe, but I quickly grew tired of Lennox's tortured logic and microscopic deconstruction of whatever it is that the "new atheists" are saying.

In contrast, I found Dawkin's book to be mostly refreshing in the clarity and simplicity of its arguments.

Some of the major ideas that I will take away from reading this book will be counter arguments to the constant litany of reasons I am given by friends and family why I am wrong, and why atheism makes no sense. "You are really an agnostic." And "What if you are wrong?" And "How do you know what's right and wrong?" And "Why not just believe because it will lower your blood pressure?" ad nauseum.

Though I am pretty tired of having my beliefs challenged and denigrated by people who believe, and who believe they have to save me, and who believe that they are superior to me somehow, after reading this book, I am now fully content to be an atheist and to proudly call myself one.,If you are having doubts about your belief in God it is a must. The internet has opened the flood gates of information that has allowed a skeptical review of some of the things you have been brought up to believe. You want to know the truth, but feel ashamed to question your religious surroundings. It seems taboo to disagree or to not believe. Back to this book. In my opinion having this book is a big step. It is physical evidence that can be seen by others. This book is on the opposite end of the spectrum of religious teachings. Don't get me wrong. It is a great book, but if it may cause social suicide with your friends or family then don't get it now or get it electronically through Kindle for example so you can be discreet if you must. I ordered a paperback copy. To be honest it was difficult for me to place the order because I felt guilty. I felt stronger after I ordered like I had control of my own decisions. I'm glad I did. The book has 462 pages. There are about 25 pages for quick reference to find interesting subjects. Cheers!

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