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To me, Salman Rushdie novels are kind of like opera- you don't go for the story, you go for the way the story is expressed. You either love it or you hate it. But the bones of the story just function as a container for the expression. (I hope that makes sense.)

"The Golden House" is no different. The story is about an international family - father, three sons- and their move to a little cloister of houses in New York City. One of their neighbors takes it upon himself to chronicle their experience and the novel is told from his perspective.

To be completely honest, the story didn't interest me at all and I wasn't that invested in the characters, but I *was* invested in the writing. I'm usually a stickler for empathetic characters and solid plot but when the writing is wonderful, it can make up the difference.To me, Rushdie is a powerful novelist, not content to stick to any sort of genre or format within his writing. Some passages contain quotations marks to indicate speech, some do not. Some events are told in screenplay format, others in long winded speeches given by the oldest brother (who is on the autism spectrum and can recite details with ease.) The novel is dense, but it all sort of flows off the page effortlessly.

This isn't a book you dip in and out of, I don't think. I usually am forced to read pages of books when I get a little free time here and there. However, I had the time this past week to sit down for a couple of hours in the afternoons, and I found myself instantly drawn into the book and Rushdie's writing. I can't consider myself a Rushdie fan, simply because I don't think my reading style (grabbing pages when I can, a few minutes here, a few minutes there... sometimes not being able to read for a few days) suits his writing style, so I can't really compare how "The Golden House" compared to many of his other novels. But compared to what I've been reading the past few years, I'm pretty impressed.

This is the kind of book that makes me want to change my reading habits and spend more time reading good books instead of just dipping in and out of whatever is on my bedside table whenever I have some time.,The great Salman Rushdie's latest novel, THE GOLDEN HOUSE, led me straight to Google, where I learned that one of the settings for the book is a real Manhattan location: The MacDougal–Sullivan Gardens Historic District, 22 houses located in Greenwich Village, linked by a hidden garden. (Picture the secret London garden in the movie "Notting Hill" starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.) If you think this novel will be as a romantic as that garden, you will be wrong. The novel is edgy and contemporary, in the same way The Bonfire of the Vanities captured its time and place. In this case, the era is the Obama-presidency and the subject is the self-invented Nero Golden, a tycoon styled along the lines of Aristotle Onassis. a Russian oligarch, or a certain other president. "If you owed the bank a buck you were a deadbeat with an overdraft. If you owed a billion you were rich and the bank was working for you. It was difficult to know how wealthy Nero Golden was. His name was everywhere in those days, on everything from hot dogs to for-profit universities"

Like a snake who has shed its skin, Golden's origins and that of his three sons--all of whom speak perfect Oxbridge English--have been left behind in a land far, far away. You're going to want to devour this book to learn his dark and winding backstory.

Lest I spoil the story, let me say only that the book is a surprisingly easy read.,As an admirer of Salman Rushdie's previous novels, I was eager to read this latest effort. Described as a return to realism, The Golden House tells the tale of an enigmatic billionaire and his three sons, each different from the other, each emblematic of a distinct trait that captures the essence of where wealthy, privileged America now resides in spirit if not in fact. That Rushdie wrote this novel in the shadow of current political and economic realities - especially the rise of Donald Trump from enigmatic billionaire to political supremacy - makes The Golden House something of an allegory.

I could not help making comparisons between fiction and real life as I read, and what surprised this reader was how strangely fictional our real life had become. Readers familiar with Rushdie's wonderfully creative fabulist novels, such as Midnight's Children, where his imagination seems unfettered and the fantastic world that he creates seems to glitter in the mind, may miss those aspects of his previous work. The Golden House is a more grounded novel: rooted in current American culture and its recent history. If Rushdie meant to hold a mirror up to America, he has succeeded. The question is: what does America see in that reflection? I see even more questions, some of them quite disturbing. That is probably the point of what is a very good novel that strives to recreate our world in a fictional context in order to reveal the disquieting reality behind the curtain.

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