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Lovely read... an amazing life... one might say allot of name dropping, but hey, she worked hard and got to meet amazing prople and go to amazing places.... and at a time when life had allot more class, style and mystery then it does now........ amazing Grace, you were blessed... the best to you...,Grace Coddington is Anna Wintour 's right hand woman. She has managed to garner great press while Her Anna-ness is portrayed as the Editor from Hell. In this memoir it is clear why the two women can and have worked so well together for so many years. They have a symbiosis that has helped elevate the public's interest in all things FASHION. Both have managed to navigate the avenues of female personalities to achieve success. I don't think there could be an Anna without a Grace. Coddington started out as a model and quickly became a darling of the 60's Mod scene. She appears to have controlled her ego and vanity in order to make a successful transition to Creative Director. It is a particular trait of some successful people that you feel you know them (or would like to know them) even though it would never happen. Grace Coddington is one of those people. You applaud her achievements, feel sad for her troubles and end up liking the whole person.
A great book for anyone but particularly for women.,It is a substantial history and bibliography of fashion photography as well as an inspiring example of someone who is passionate about their work and creativity. Half way through, I started Google imaging all the names that were mentioned to reference the photographer, designer, editor or hairstylist to see and understand their work and contribution which added greatly to the experience, then immediately started re-reading it from the beginning to continue looking at the rest of the references. Then there are all the charming drawings, selected works, photos and an edited insider's view of the business - making for several days of creative entertainment, humor and wonder.,I absolutely adore this book and would recommend it to anyone with a deep and abiding love for fashion. I would say the average person on the street probably would find this book a bit dull because of various names of models, famous photographers, designers etc. that are only familiar if you know about brands other than Coach and Dooney and Bourke ;). I loved that Grace seemed very modest and I related to her affinity for cats but I think what really stood out was her narration of live in Wales and her early beginnings as a model. She seemed almost approachable and even painted a fair portrait of her boss, Anna Wintour.,Coddington's recent "fame" was the impetus for her putting pen to paper and writing an almost-autobiography about her life in the fashion business. The most interest chapters deal with her life as a model in London in the late 1950s and early 1960s, when there were only "models," not "super models" or pseudo-celebrities whose only claim to fame was their ability to wear size 0 clothing. Her charming drawings are what elevates this book from two stars to three. Her narratives skips over people and facts as if they were outlet rejects, which leave some gaping holes in her story (e.g., is her mother dead or alive?) Coddington doesn't spare us the sad times of her life, but she relates them in a rather cool, detached manner that can be off-putting. My chief complaint about the book is that it's too darn heavy! It was published on very thick paper stock, similar to what is used for "coffee table" books - I had to read it propped up on a pillow for fear that if it fell forward it would break my nose!,I found this book an honest portrayal of Grace's life. She doesn't just tell about the good times, but delves into her life and personalities she encountered. She takes responsibility for how she could have done things better and enjoys the things that worked out. Her job for Vogue was difficult,exhilarating, exhausting and demanding. I liked her attitude and lack of the superficial.,Grace Coddington is such a fascinating woman! I love her! I have to tell you a short story. I bought this for my Mother for Christmas. We had watched the DVD "The September Issue" several times and I wanted to learn more about Ms. Coddington. I was thrilled when I saw that she had written a book. I ordered the book and received it at my Mothers house ( that is where we all visit for the holidays). Mother opened it by mistake. Mother asked me if it was for my sister (who is a fashion/costume designer). I was so angry and told her it was for her for Christmas. She of course was thrilled. I read it before I wrapped it and then she read it after she unwrapped it. Ms. Coddington has had a wonderful life and I can't wait for the sequel to this book. I love her layouts and creativity in Vogue and always look forward to seeing what she does next. I highly recommend this book.,Very lovely book, great on the inside and out.

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