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History can be dry and leave one untouched encountering it. And then there are books like this that draw you in, making it more real, almost tangible. Ruth takes the reader on a journey that begins with the 1000 war refugees, or displaced persons, America allowed into America during WWII. With the expertise of a seasoned reporter, Ruth recounts her involvement in the project, the pathos, passion, and persistence involved in obtaining the freedom desired by each of those escaping Hitler's death grip, crossing the Atlantic with such high hopes, only to experience months in a camp encircled by fencing that emotionally echoed many of the very camps in Europe from which they had been "rescued." As always, politics pushes history into a form sometimes attractive, sometimes sordid, sometimes with twists unforseen by those who create it--all reflected in Ruth's account. It's history, it's personalized, it's fascinating reading. In the end, Ruth is endeared to the reader for her impact for good--blessing many, including the reader with her warm, big-hearted embrace of those in need of need--need of home, need of significance, need for hope. I loved the book!,Story of Oswego's rescue of Holocaust victims. A true story largely unknown until twenty five years ago. The only place in America to rescue almost 1,000 Nazi victims. You will be amazed. Touching.,Written by an extraordinary author whose career positively impacted on the lives of so many individuals, this book tells the largely unknown story of the only group of Jews and other displaced persons allowed into the US during WWII. While hundreds of thousands of German soldiers captured during the war were brought to the US and provided sanctuary as well as work and ultimately an opportunity for citizenship, less than 1,000 Jews were allowed into the US by President Roosevelt and the Congress. Read their personal stories and the contributions that these individuals made to our country. Think about whether US and world behavior was correct! Well written. Easy Read.,The author tells an enlightening and timely story about Holocaust refugees in America. So few were saved and those who were saved were kept in camps and unable to visit with American relatives for years. I had no idea of this history and the author tells it in a way only someone intimately involved can do. It is compelling and thought provoking.,This is a wonderful and little known story about 1000 refugees from Europe and the Nazi Terror that they lived. If they could get to Italy, they could come to America...aboard a ship. They were settled in Oswego, NY, in an Old Fort on Lake Ontario.....eventually, through much prodding and cajoling, the US Govt. allowed them to leave the Fort and become Citizens.....many of them became famous, scientist, engineers etc.........all most likely would have died, if the US Gov't. had not allowed this small amount of people to come to the U.S...............good, interesting and factual read.,Having grown up in Syracuse I never heard mention of Fort Ontarios refugees. The book did a good job of documenting what happened not only at the camp Itself, but what the government ' s part in their fate and more so the fate of millions others that they did not see fit to save. SOunds a lot like today! A good read but a little too much at the end.,Ruth Gruber writes such a compelling story. Putting all the stories of these heroic people together and reaching out to the readers heart. Our world is constantly giving people of today who do anything to help others the title of "hero" but who have no idea what that word means until they experience the hero's in this book. Ruth is most certainly one of them as she worked all over the world in very dangerous situations to tell us the true stories of the people, not for the sensationalim of today's reporting.,I enjoyed reading this book very much as it gave me further insight into another aspect of the immigration experience. Gruber details the histories of particular individuals and the group as a whole and follows up with how their lives unfolded and what they ended up doing. My own parents were immigrants with me being a first generation Canadian and the older I get the more I realize how absolutely daunting some of the challenges of resettlement were. Haven is well written and provides a candid look at life on both sides of the Atlantic during the war years.

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