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Really liked this book. Enjoyed the nostalgic elements and the mixture of new adventures. A long time fan of The Avengers & even longer fan of comics in general, I saw a lot of Marvel's new style of comic adventuring with a nod to the classics.,I love how different this is from your average comic books. Great Storytelling and very different art. I must say that I'm a bigger fan of the David Aja art than Pulido's, so the last two chapters were not really my style of art. It also includes Young Avengers Present #6 which gives us an insight into Kate Bishop's first encounter with Clint Barton and I have to say that I really enjoyed it, specially since I had bought and read Young Avengers a few weeks back, so it was nice to see some familiar faces.

My only complain is that this book isn't as well built as the other ones I bought for Christmas. For some reason the book isn't a perfect rectangle. It's a tad bigger on the bottom and as a result whereas all my other books fit togerther properly in my Bookshelf, the bottom part of this one sticks out which is a bit of a problem if you have a pet peeve about that like I do. I don't know if it's something about the Hawkeye one's but I recently got Volume 2 and although it doesn't have the same problem it suffer from some building issues. The first page is sticked up to the cover and it has a bit that's kinda crumbled, plus there's one page that sticks out, as in it's a longer wider page than the rest of the book. I bought them both from different places(Volume 1 from Amazon and Volume 2 from Purple Turtle Discount Books) I don't know if it's a manufacturing error with the Hawkeye comics or of I just have the worst luck ever.,Truthfully, after decades of comics, I'd gotten a little jaded with straight-up superhero tales, with sky-high stakes and failure not being an option.

Then, I came across "Hawkeye." Like a lot of people, it took the recent Marvel movies (specifically "Thor") to make me take a second look at the third-string Marvel hero. I'd read comics of his in the past, and they were more of the same, albeit with a terrible costume (and a wife with an even worse one).

Not Matt Fraction's "Hawkeye."

Here's a book with stakes that shrink from the cosmic down to a single apartment building in an outer borough of New York City, where Hawkeye's costume is the work uniform doffed when Clint gets home and where the stakes are having a good relationship with his neighbors or being able to set up his DVR.

The book is light, breezy, fits well into actual save-the-world Avengers continuity but requires no knowledge or caring about such things (the tagline is that this book is what Clint Barton does when he's not off being an Avenger), and gorgeous to look at.

The best superhero comic book in years seems almost parachuted in from some other, better-written, more engaging future.

Whether you bleed in four colors, or don't know your Earth 616 from your Earth-2, "Hawkeye" is a must-read for every sort of superhero fans.,Faction's writing is always fantastic and this run on Hawkeye turned him from the random Avenger with a Bow (WTF?) to a tremendously interesting character. I devoured the whole run in one (very long) night. Do yourself a favor and just get it and enjoy!,Matt Fraction has revealed yet another facet of iconic hero, Hawkeye: Clint Barton’s days NOT wearing the purple costume. However, even though these stories are not focused on supervillains, more or less, they still feature a lot of action and character development.

The first issue gathered in this graphic novel has already been reviewed in this blog, and it really sets the tone for the rest of the book. Clint’s life, whether as heroic Avenger or just a guy down the block, isn’t for the faint of heart. Trouble follows Hawkeye no matter where he goes. If it’s not the Russians who first owned the building where he lives, then it a mystery girl named Penny who gets him involved in a run-and-gun shootout on the street that eventually involves Clint’s more-or-less apprentice, Kate Bishop, the Hawkeye of the Young Avengers.

I love the storytelling in this graphic novel. It’s down-to-earth and exciting at the same time. Clint Barton really jumps out at the everyman hero that he’s pretty much always been, but in ways I’d never before considered. I like seeing this part of him, the way he gets along with his neighbors, who don’t really think anything of him being a superhero, and the struggles he has while sorting out his mentorship of Kate.

I also like the fact that Fraction has developed his secondary characters deeply enough that they become a part of the overall stories. The Russian gangsters do appear again, and Penny turns up in the next graphic novel.

But one of the best things that sets this book apart from the rest of the comics now being published is the art. David Aja’s minimalist artwork and almost monotone colors really put the sequential structure in the panels. He doesn’t seem to mind drawing a dozen or more tiny panels on the page for Fraction’s dialogue to fit in a breezy back-and-forth manner that makes for such easy reading. Javier Pulido follows Aja’s opening act with similar style and I hardly noticed the artists had changed, which is something that seldom happens for me.

Fraction’s plots are interesting. Even when they’re simple, like the opening act of the book, there are a lot of layers, a lot of back-and-forth storytelling that careens from the present to the past to the present again, and you have to stay on your toes to catch it all. The story could have been easily told from beginning to end, but I like the fact that the structure bounces around. It’s almost like Clint is sitting there telling you the story over a cup of coffee at the corner diner.

I’m really looking forward to subsequent volumes in the series. If you haven’t picked this one up, you should.

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