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I love the honesty! Mr. Nadella is the real deal- may we all be blessed with an authentic leader who is empathic and CARES!!,MS was the company I was told to hate growing up. Ballmer and Gates were staunch competitors, to a fault. All they cared about was money. They stifled innovation.

While some of these aspects were occasionally true, I've seen a sea change the last few years. Microsoft is now the company willing to take risks. They're willing to listen. They may not execute exactly as customers want, particularly at first, but they iterate fast and often. They're not as interested in milking the cash cow.

The cultural turnaround is shocking... and welcome. Enterprises take on the culture of their leaders, and Satya has clearly left an empathetic, but thoughtful impact on his employees. It's a bit early to call if this will be a success - Ballmer and Gates were arguably successes despite their hardnosed attitudes. However, if he succeeds (and so far he's doing well) it will be a great case study on how to lead in business while still being a good person.,I work at Microsoft Research. When people ask me why, I always talk about how much I admire and have learned from the leadership of the company. Few people believe me, given Microsoft's infamous past as a corporate bully. What I love about this book is that it offers detailed insight into why today's Microsoft is not the same as what I grew up with.

Weaving together Satya's personal story, the story of Microsoft, and his vision for the future, this book provides deep insight into his approach to leadership. I think it's a critical read for those leaders who are trying to develop a healthy organizational culture (or turn around one that's corrosive). The humility, passion, and vision that Satya brings to work every day - and that is clearly on display in this book - is essential. I only wish these attributes were more common.,It is a time-honed tradition among tech CEO’s and executives to pen down a biography. The intent is generally multifold – to use it as a vehicle to clarify their viewpoints, and also to solidify their personal legacies. Nadella’s book follows the pattern of his mentor Bill Gates’ bestseller “Business @ the Speed of Thought” that tried to make sense of the seismic changes during the earlier dot.com era. This book takes us through Microsoft’s transformation through the digital-cloud era.

Hit Refresh, as the title suggests, is Nadella’s attempt to take us through his company’s ongoing transformation to ‘refresh’ the strategy, and his quest to “Rediscover Microsoft’s Soul.” A soul that essentially encompasses everything from the culture to competitive landscape and industry partnerships. Of course, corporate watchers and researchers are bound to wonder if a company really has a “soul.”

As a blogger who continually pursues South Asian ‘success stories,’ I have been following Nadella’s journey and his ascend to the top of American multinational is an inspiration to a generation of Indian Americans. In the book, Nadella takes us through the journey in his own words: from his childhood in India to the CEO of a Tech giant, that makes for an interesting read.

The book concludes with Nadella’s vision for the coming wave of digitization and explores its potential impact on society. Techies and students of business strategy are sure to find nuggets of insights in the book.

Bottomline: This is not yet another CEO’s ghost written tome - Nadella gives writer Greg Shaw full credit as a co-author – and the tone and themes in the chapters certainly reflect that of Microsoft’s leader.,I have been working for a Microsoft partner company for nearly 15 years, and for almost 30 years I'm dealing with IT, most part of that closely working with Microsoft technologies. I have been admiring the transformation from the concept of putting personal computer to each and every home in 90s to mobility and service models nowadays. I passed 25+ Microsoft exams and have certificates, signed by all Microsoft CEOs. For all those years I have been sharing the values Microsoft was transmitting to its partner and client community - and I'm very glad to see its incredible transformation within last years, when Satya came to power. Somehow he managed to turn a huge corporation, running behind the market trends, into a vendor that forms and creates those trends, in just a few years.

So, I was very much interested in this book to get more information on how this transformation is taking place. Those who were following Satya and e.g. his speeches on opening keynotes of Microsoft events will certainly recognize his style of presenting the information - humble, honest but inspiring. The book tells you three transformation stories: how Satya relocated to US, how he managed to develop himself to Microsoft CEO within 20 years and finally - how current transformation takes place in corporation.

This is not memories' of the past - for those type of books only the past events are described. The book has its thrill and value exactly because the author puts reader in today's present environment, without knowing the final outcome, and trying to guess together what will be the future. This book is about making the future. If you want to be little closer to the understanding of future, this book is for you.

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