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I'm a very experienced day trader of over 20 years. With the coming of HFT and other changes, it has been necessary to adjust my methodology. Scanning for stocks in play and trading unknown stocks is an approach I have resisted for my entire career but I think I have to go there now. I won't do it without a solid method/plan and a hard set of rules. I'm not too proud to look at a "beginner" book to figure out how to do this. This book is exceptional. It gave me what I wanted and I will build on the information using what I already know. The author is an engineer and being of a methodical/mechanical mindset myself, I was happy with the way he laid it all out. There is also good information on other topics for real beginners such as the importance of risk management, emotional control which are important.

I will recommend this book to people who ask me how to begin day trading.,This was my first read on Day Trading. Five books later (author's: Benjamin Graham, William O'Neil, Warren Buffet, Toni Turner, Michelle Cagan), I came back to read it (Aziz's book) again... I, of course, plan on reading many more, but Aziz's book will hold a spot on the shelf as a permanent reference for years to come. Not only, because it's a very effective read, but also due to the author's candor, and willingness to invest time in helping fellow traders. The later being an invaluable characteristic of this particular author...

Initially (similar to what I read in one of the few negative reviews on this book), I wasn't sure if the book was designed to help as a stand-alone text, or if it's sole purpose was to facilitate a gateway for more revenue streams (for Aziz) down the road. In other words -- the information seemed useful, but I wasn't sure OF the author's genuine intentions (to write a great book, versus suck people in for long-term profits). Why such feelings you ask??? Aziz offers his readers a few recommendations relative to "tools of the trade," and given this was my first experience with this sort of text -- I was caught off guard by some of what felt like self-promotion from within...

But then I read the other books (author's mentioned above) and EVERY one of them (also) included some sort of odd-feeling, hard to decipher, "tool(s)" of self-promotion. Benjamin Graham's book seems to prefer certain brokers (and funds) over others, but nothing near as bad as William O'Neil's book. Yup, as "good" as CANSLIM has (apparently) proven itself over the years, IBD not only sucked me in -- but they continue to annoy the heck out of me -- AS A PAID SUBSCRIBER -- by constantly inundating me with ads... So much so, that I'm considering cancelling my subscription. Even Toni Turner's book, which in all honesty -- was probably one of my favorite books to ever read (she is a very good writer) -- had its fair share of "go visit my website for additional tools of the trade..." type recommendations... Her "tools," by the way, are actually pretty useful...

My point though, is this: Though these authors (obviously) have something to gain by increasing their follower-ship, they are also simultaneously recommending invaluable resources for ANY "trader" genuinely interested in succeeding in this business. Aziz, in particular, recommends his chat-room, DAS Trader, and a couple of stock screeners (depending on your specific needs). He has also put together a handful of "lessons," where he walks you through some of the intricacies of the trading platform, and the methodology in his book (I'm in the series now).. Yes, you read that right -- The actual author of the book will sit down with you and help clear anything up relative to what you read from his text (and beyond). He has already responded, in a timely manner, to EVERY email I've sent, and his responses always offer nuggets of value. Anyways.... I've read Aziz's book twice now, and I can tell you -- without a doubt -- that his advice is solid. I've come to realize that what initially seemed like a sales pitch (via the texts of all authors mentioned), actually proves to be very solid advice. Believe it, or not, the guy (Aziz) would be doing his readers a disservice if he didn't recommend (and/or offer) tools for success...

My experiences so far:

Chat Room: When I first stumbled into his chatroom, I was caught off guard. I think I was expecting some sort of forum-based venue, where newbie's like me could browse topics of interest, ask redundant questions, and receive "platinum" membership status for posting 1 billion times... I literally checked in one day, hung around for a couple of hours, then checked out......and I never thought I'd go back... Then I read the books referenced above, realized that trader chat rooms aren't synonymous with forums of your favorite hobby, and found myself back in the very same room I gave zero thought to a few weeks prior. And that said -- I imagine I'll probably be a member of the chat room for a very long time to come... If for no other reason, you get to watch Aziz actually work every morning, ask questions along the way, and even view his P&L statements for the day. It's like shadowing a Doctor, then seeing the amount on his paystub at the end of the week! And when he (Aziz) loses money on the day, it speaks volumes toward: 1) Everybody is capable of failing, and even a professional trader has risk/reward factors to consider, and 2) he's not pretending to have a "secret sauce" that will guarantee billions of dollars overnight! He's a regular guy, like you and me, who has CHOSEN to put the time and effort into trading successfully; and based on what I'm seeing daily -- he is successful..

The simulator: The simulator he recommends is on a system called DAS, and regardless of how much research you do, you'll always come back to DAS being the 'go-to' option for day-traders worldwide. I have actually signed up with a simulator account with DAS, and I cannot thank Aziz enough for the recommendation. To be honest, I never imagined I'd put forth any sort of tangible effort into a simulator (it was "beneath me"), but now that I have the experience -- I'm soooooooo glad that I humbled myself, and took his advice! There's no doubt in my mind, that had I just gone into this cold turkey, I'd be a few thousand dollars (okay...maybe a lot more!) in the red already. Not, because I can't identify proper set-ups (though that takes experience too), but just getting used to the way things work (trading platforms, various brokers, etc.) are lessons in themselves... And believe me --- "mastering" the technical side of trading may seem elementary while perusing various texts on the topic, but when you're actually sitting at a desk, looking at stocks for hours on end -- suddenly the reality that trading isn't so cut and dry comes to light. For example: you might be a prodigy when it comes to recognizing set-ups, but where/how are you going to find relevant, and trade-able stocks for the day??? Maybe reading Aziz's book, and doing so humbly (unlike my first read) would be a good start...? I digress...

Last, but not least -- the book: Again, I've read multiple alternate texts on the topic now, and without question -- Aziz's book is straight to the point, easy to read, and most importantly -- EFFECTIVE in helping the reader understand what sort of FOUNDATION will be necessary to succeed as a day-trader. Of course there is a lot more to discuss than what he brings up in the slightly over 100 page book, but the brevity of the text in no way undermines the content of the messaging. That said, I've supplemented my education with a handful of other options, and guess what?? They all, in essence, say the same thing, lol... One of them, however (Aziz) is a LOT shorter, to the point, and EASY to read... Okay, okay....there are, in fact, subtle differences, and of course -- with more pages comes more fruit -- but Aziz says what needs to be said, and provides his readers with a legitimate foundation to build upon. I would also argue that Aziz cuts a lot of unnecessary fluff, and focuses on providing advice that actually works; rather than just including pages of theory in an attempt to convince us of his acumen. He provides step-by-step templates on how to find stocks, how to trade stocks, what to look for, etc... And, again -- he does a great job at leaving the clutter out, so you can focus on the fundamentals...

I wouldn't recommend taking this book, memorizing it, and never reading another again...., but I would HIGHLY recommend it to any trader looking to dip his toes in the world of day-trading. I came into this with a big ego, lots of prior education, and a feeling of invincibility. I'm now thankful that Aziz made it a point to help guys like me consider the "big picture" ---- while holding our hand(s) along the journey ---- before my accounts were wiped away like an open bag of leaves on a gusty day!

Take it from a guy who isn't a big fan of online reviews: Aziz gets 5 stars...read the book...you'll be glad you did...,GREAT STARTER BOOK FOR SOMEONE WANTING TO DAY TRADE STOCKS AS A REGULAR JOB

The best part for me is when Andrew outlines throughout the book the various pitfalls in the Day Trading business. It hit home with me because I have found myself in some of those horrible pitfalls.

Will written with some excellent charts of Andrew's actual trades and the outcome, etc.

Andrew also invites the reader to consider joining his Day Trading Group.

I enjoyed it. Thanks, Andrew.,I have been in his trading room for a bit. Andrew is really fast and technical. He preaches what he says in the book.
The type of fast trades he makes on some pretty explosive stocks is not my cup of tea for now. I am rehearsing my skills on slower stocks. However the set-ups are I use are similar to his. His set-ups are realistic for day-trading. Take this from someone who got taken for a ride by a very well-known New York day trading school... I will only mention one part of their name "... University..." Despite of paying K USD, I have seen the owner call about 2 trades in a year... and I am not even sure he took them as he only sent a message to say he took them.

It's a different deal here: not only Andrew calls the trades in front of you but you see his screen and scans, etc. You know when he is and an out.
The book contains plenty of warning about using hotkeys and papertrading, etc. The type of trading he does like like white water kayaking versus paddling on a calm lake. The chances of drowning are way higher. The cool thing is that over those 230 pages Andrew gives you 10 times more stuff than I ever got from the crappy repetitive videos from my New York guru. Anyway, the best and most practical realistic and current day trading book I have read so far.,I have been retired for a year now and am getting bored, I want something to pass some of my idol time and thought day trading may be it. I was surprised at all there is involved in day trading from reading this book. I know I can't start day trading after reading it, but it gave me a lot of information to start researching. I read it in two sessions and will have to read different parts again to get them to soak in.
His offers of getting on his chatroom for free is very generous and will more than pay for the cost of the book. I look forward to continue following Andrew's advise and hopefully become a successful day trader some day. I highly recommend buying and reading this book.,I bought this book being a newby to day trading. After reading the book I was pleased of how simple the concepts were explained, and how tangible the information was. It was some theory but then it provided practical information on what you needed, what you should expect, and recommendations. For anyone starting out, this is a good place to start. I have since joined the community of traders and Andrew is the real deal and practices what he preaches.

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