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Fifty years ago, as a teenager, I read John Allegro's book on Shapira (borrowed from Golders Green Library!). I have been interested in him ever since, and occasionally spoken about him. (Shapira, not Allegro, although John A was only marginally less exotic than Shapira.) So I was delighted to see this book! The question is whether the original parchment fragments survive - and, of course, if they can be found and thus settle the puzzle of whether they are forgeries or genuine. If the latter is the case, then they would be early discoveries of Dead Sea Scroll material, and Shapira's reputation (murky to begin with!) would be saved! Although he doesn't find the fragments, Tigay satisfactorily solves the mystery, in a real last-minute surprise. (I'm not going to spoil the story!) It is a great read, and one shares the tenacious hunt of Chanan Tigay as he pursues every shadowy clue across Europe, Israel, obscure suburbs of Sydney and - eventually - San Francisco.
A few minor quibbles: the book has no photos, which is a shame; it has no index, which is also a shame. I was left wondering about the outcome of Tigay's race to solve the mystery in competition with an Israeli filmmaker, even though the film was released some time ago. What did the film reveal?
But a great story, nevertheless - if you enjoyed Matti Friedman on the Aleppo Codex, you will certainly enjoy this! Good gift to give your Passover hosts.,Reading this I kept wondering who footed the bill for this wild goose chase. The publisher must think there are a lot of suckers for this kind of yarn and up to a certain point I certainly am one of them but a magazine article would have sufficed. The author tries to make an argument for the dragged out the investigation claiming that he got a better understanding of the main protagonist. Maybe, but whatever understanding he got he could have communicated to us in a more succinct way.,A classic creative non-fiction mix of information, discovery
, and self revelation by an author with a passion for the subject. A good read for those who are fascinated by the origin stories of the sacred books of the Bible. A story of the bookseller and merchant of Moabitica, Shapiro, as well as that of biblical scholarship in the late 19th-century. A little history, a little scholarship and a lot of rascals.,I thought the book was well-written, although perhaps a little wordy here and there.
I listened to the MP3, which was read by the author, who was, really, a terrific reader.
The author is clearly very knowledgeable about his subject, but at the same time, was
able to write in a way that made those of us who are not still feel comfortable. You could
not listen, or read this book, without learning some things. It was a great book.,I was expecting more but it's a decent read. Well researched and put together but probably written more dramatic than actually occurred. There is some mystery to the story which is resolved by the end of the book. If that was missing, it would have been a major disappointment. It will give you a good understanding of the early days of Biblical archeology in the Middle East and some of the frauds that were perpetrated.,I loved the flow of this book, as it traced the development of Shapira from young immigrant to antiquities dealer to documentarian, while also spooling out the hunt for the fate of the scrolls. I'm not a historian or knowledgeable in Biblical studies, but I found the story and details gripping.,I did not know what to expect when I picked up this book . but as I started reading it the author s style is captivating . touch of self deprecating humor - lots of research work on a mystery that hung around since 1872 . He solves it ! loved this book !,I loved the history. It was really in-depth and fascinating. It was more academic than I expected but I learned a lot

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