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I tried, I really tried, but at about the midpoint of this book I started skipping so many pages I finally just succumbed to my truth and let it go.

I am well aware that this a good writer, an excellent writer, and I do understand the genre of "survivor memoirs" and their ability to inspire and empower those for whom the narrative resonates. But for whatever reason, the style of the writing, with its almost breezy stripping of the writer's every thought, making each one as important and essential whether talking about yoga or alcoholism, became wearying to me. The sheer minute-by-minute-by-minute-by-minute account of the writer's marriage and the revelations that arose from it (and other revelation-inducing life events) became wearying to me as a reader. I left her sometime during the yoga section and left without knowing whether or not she and her husband ever had sex again or ever decided to give it a real go again -- and I feel sorta bad about that, as, no doubt, much went into this life and this book -- I just found the mountain of details wore me down too much to care.

I'm sorry to leave this review because I applaud anyone who transcends their demons to find a new and more self-preserving life. But maybe I've read too much of this genre at this point. Maybe the revelations and epiphanies that fascinated this writer to the point of microscopic examination have already been covered in other fine books I've read. I dunno. All I know is, she lost me along the way.

I wish her well, however it went, and congratulate her on both the success of her life and, is seems, this book. From what I can see it's having quite an impact and that's a good thing.,So--I often love Glennon's writing. Love Momastery. Have contributed to Together Rising. Etc.

Honestly, I'm torn between two and three stars.

I read the book in under 24 hours (including time I really should have been sleeping). It was definitely gripping: raw, real, vulnerable. At times it was reminiscent of Ann Lamott in the best ways . . . though much less sprinkled with humor to lighten things up (not surprisingly, given what she's covering here). I highlighted a variety of passages because they were meaningful to me and well-phrased.

That said, ultimately, I felt like it was uncomfortably voyeuristic, especially about Craig. And I'm assuming (I'm sure hoping) he okayed the book. Even so, it's one thing for an author to share every intimate detail about her own life, but to discuss in such great detail incredible volumes of private information about her spouse . . . for me, it crossed a line where I ultimately felt I had intruded too much into what should have remained private between them.

Then the book ends with it sounding like they've reconciled and forged a strong marriage through their intense efforts. . . . Suddenly, the afterword has, "So I don't know if we'll stay married or not." And then I've read from Glennon's blog that they're actually divorcing now. They'll get no judgment on the divorce from me, but it makes me feel even more awkward having read the book, like this is a chapter in their lives that I should not be privy to in such great detail.

I had been greatly looking forward to reading it. I found it gripping while I read it. I'm not sure I should have read it. I feel weird about having read it.,Yes, yes, everyone else on the planet loved this book but I didn't. It started to feel like homework midway through. I got so tired of it that I went to the local thrift store and bought the unauthorized biography of Dr. Laura. Yes, it was at that point of reading desperation. Sorry.,I'm sad I finished the book but I know I will be going back and referencing it. How she cuts through all the fluff and her authenticity is so raw. I could relate on so many levels and she helped me listen to my own inner voice. Amazing how much we are all share a very similar journey. I loved the observations she made and did the work to uncover her authentic self. It has truly opened my own eyes to what I've personally brushed aside for 43 years. This book is an awakening and I want to tell all my friends about it. Thank you Glen!,I could relate to this book on so many levels. I learned that I need to embrace me and don't ever be ashamed of who I am. I was not alone on this journey to learn who I am. I identified and found myself in this book. I am so grateful and thankful for this book. I would recommend this book to anyone who suffers from esteem and emotional scars from their past. I recommend this book to husbands who want to know why their wife may be disconnected in their marriage and desire to understand her. A must read. Amazing book. I Thank God I came across this therapeutic story.,I initially downloaded this book as an entertaining read but found that it was the most poignant representation and articulation of my feelings from my divorce many many years ago. Little did I know, before, no one had yet put into words so accurately the stages of rage, grief and peace I had experienced. Kudos to Melton for writing an entertaining yet accurate portrayal of the betrayal of infidelity. Loved this book to pieces!,As a huge fan of Glennon's first book, I was SO looking forward to this one. Unfortunately, by the time the book was actually released, I had already learned on her blog that she and Craig were separating. Thus, it did cause me to read through a different filter.
Glennon is a skilled writer and gives words to emotions in a way I've not found anywhere else. Her first book was hand down 5 stars because of the hope it gave to all couples that they could do this...I had to give this one 4 because at the end of the day, that hope wasn't enough.,I didn't know when I picked up this book that it would pull a thread and unravel all that I thought I knew about myself and I want from life. Glennon's raw vulnerability and honest humor made it nearly impossible to put the book down. I saw so much of myself in her words that I walked away feeling changed. I feel less afraid. I feel like a warrior.

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