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*Review of an ARC provided by the author*

It was quite adorable and a good read to spend some fun time, but for some reason it left me mildly unsatisfied.

Both Liam and Noah are great characters, but I felt it could have helped to have a bit more depth to their relationship- a bit more development in those crucial early years so the reader could truly be sucked in and get invested in their experience in the future. I wish the significance of their relationship had relied more on show and not so much on the tell part.

Another problem that I had was that, even though there's a 12-year jump, the voices of the characters (who are about 25 for most of the story) doesn't change from the way it is when they are in their early teens.

I'm also not sold on the pace (especially regarding the progress with Noah's agoraphobia- I'm not an expert on phobias or their treatment, but I feel like the evolution was a bit too rushed).

On the bright side, as I said, it was still a really sweet love story between two friends who spent way too long pining for each other. As far as stories dealing with the second chances trope, this one delivered quite nicely.

On top of our adorable main characters- for which one cannot simply help it but to root- there was an amazing cast of side characters. Kitty and Bianca were my favorite!

I feel that the author has some room for improvement, and this is her first book after all, so I'm looking forward to reading what she comes up with in the future. I'm definitely going to keep an eye on her work!,This was a cute story, a forever love between friends, a second-chance romance, a reuniting between childhood friends. So many good things about this book, such a lighthearted story meant to give hope and courage. It's difficult to come out, for many people, and this book deals with two very different experiences, unfortunately for these two friends, one of them is tragic.

With Noah receiving the worst response from family and community for being born to love men, he's beaten and sent away without an opportunity to say goodbye to the boy he's growing to love as a man, the boy he's lived his life loving. Liam is on the other side of the come-out experience with loving, understanding parents. He remains mostly in the closet after witnessing the town's response to Noah and then he lives his life as an activist for gay rights on Capitol Hill. Along the way he's made great friends and had no romances worth reliving except for one. One that never got a chance to see the light of day. He's ready, though, for something more, something deeper. Finding Ben gives him hope that maybe he can have that and maybe move around his yearning for Noah. Little does he know, though, that the man he's coming to know is the boy he's always loved and could never forget.

Watching them overcome the years that have been trying and difficult for Noah as well as reacquainting themselves with one another is mostly sweet with only a little bitterness. I liked the story and there was potential for a really great book here, but as I read I felt everything in my head rather than deeper in my chest or even my gut. There was something crucial missing that would drive the story, captivate me, compel me to keep reading. Without that extra something it was just a nice read. I'm glad things worked out for Liam and Noah because Noah truly deserved happiness after all that life put him through. Having solid support from his aunt Kitty and the circle of friends introduced through Liam he had so much more to ensure that happiness. Struggles were overcome and love was found. The ending was satisfying and held great promise for their future.,This is a great first in series book and a fabulous debut effort. Noah and Liam are childhood best friends who were separated by forces beyond their control as teenagers.

Noah has developed into a fearful young man since his savage attack and subsequent abandonment by his family. In the years since he has been sent to live with his Aunt, he has allowed his fears to grow until they have literally locked them into his home.

Liam is an outgoing young man ready for love who has never left his home or his loving circle of friends. He has always wondered what happened to Noah. Liam knew he was in love with his best friend before he was taken away and suspects that may be the reason why he can't let himself fall in love with anyone else.

When they meet up again, it is Magic...after a little bit of WTF thrown in. This is a beautiful story of best friends to lovers mixed in with a little lost love found again. The only issue I have with the story is the speed at which Noah was able to overcome his agoraphobia. Other than this point, it was a very realistic story and it doesn't take away from the overall tone.

Solid 4 stars. Can't wait to read book 2.

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