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Recommended to me by my father. My mother had a brain tumor and stroke -- my Dad and I both regret not understanding what might be going on in someone's brain when they are not responsive to you. This is a truly remarkable real life story that should be mandatory reading for anyone dealing with a stroke patient. It is uplifting and enlightening. It is a spiritual book -- one that in ways scientifically explains the make up of our physical body and our brain -- and what happens in our brain becomes our reality and experience of life. I've looked up Jill Bolte Taylor on YouTube videos and to hear her speak is amazing.,It was an absolutely correct blow by blow of my stroke. It was so overwhelming to relive that morning that I cried....hard. I had to walk away for awhile to prepare myself. It proved to be an excellent tool to use in my ongoing recovery. After reading it, I highly recommend it. I know my memory and focus are going to come back strong. It gave me a lot of hope.,My Stroke of Insight is an unusual book in that the "recipient" of the neurological damage in the form of a stroke actually listened to her brain and knew what was going on even if her time lines were skewed. I think this book would be of interest to both the medical (neurology) and non medical community as a quick read.
Interestingly I saw her in video a couple of days after I finished the book and even though she claimed to be completely recovered, I could tell she was NOT 100% in the normal range even though her speech was clear.,I bought this book because I had a friend who has had 4 stokes now. The last was more severe. I wanted my fiend and her daughter to understand how recovery happens and timing. My friend is 76 and runs a business. She needed to accept she would not be driving,running her business or living alone for a long time if ever. The fog comes and goes and she has conditions that make her high risk for more stokes.,My brother suffered from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in a car accident and someone recommended this book to my mom - she would cry while reading this book she finally felt like she understood what my brother was going through even though he could not communicate with us while coming out of his coma. My mom is a nurse by trade so understanding the scientific breakdown also helped with her coping quite a bit.

I have since bought this book for a few friends with family members who have suffered both strokes and TBIs. They all agree how insightful this was to understanding what loved ones go through despite not being able to communicate.,This book actually gives great insight into the brain of a stoke victim. I heard Jill Taylor on Ted talks and purchased the book. If anyone you know is at risk for a stroke or has had a stroke this will reveal not only what parts of the stroke affected brain control which parts of the body but guides you on how to respond to stroke victim, the timeline expectation of recovery and how the brain can establish new pathways in order to be functional again with therapy. Great book.,My Stroke of Insight is a marvelous story that both corroborated things I've thought about my whole life and answered questions I've had for equally as long. Dr. Taylor never blows her own horn throughout this harrowing and uplifting tale, but the courage she exhibited during her ordeal is there between the lines for all to see. When I finished the book, I was in that rare place where I was moved to a lump in my throat and overjoyed that she had made her recovery as complete as could be. I've never read another book quite like it. In the future, I will use this book as a reference for my writing, my understanding of human beings, my emotional well-being, and my own mental health. It is a keeper, for sure.,At the title suggests, the book provides first-hand insight into strokes and recovery. The one part that struck me was when she spoke about her experiences in the hospital. While I am grateful for the care my mom received, it was frustrating at the same time. My mom isn't dumb. She comprehends everything you are saying. However, it does take her more time to process as her brain is recovering. You would think people who study the brain would get it. This book should be a required read for those in medicine and caregivers...and stroke survivors.

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