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In A Night to Remember, Walter Lord provided a minute-by-minute narrative that catches in your throat as you feel every icy touch of reality from that harrowing April night. You follow the names that have transformed into enduring legends and their own words create racing dramatic images but as you near the final page with its somber tribute to those over 1,500 souls lost; you also have so many burning questions. That’s when you need to pick up The Night Lives On: The Untold Stories and Secrets Behind the Sinking of the "Unsinkable" Ship—Titanic and revisit a condensed inviting account that is broken apart in time frames and stops to examine but ultimately educates, deftly debates, proves many a point with convincing evidence and yet all tells a commanding series of stories that are forever connected to the RMS TITANIC. Although each work was written years apart they belong together and whether the beginning or ending of the history of the marvel that was Titanic calls to you, start where you will and discover something special. Highly Recommended.,For those already versed in the history of the Titanic or those just starting to study the events of that fateful night Walter Lord is the expert. With the turn of each page you feel as if your transported back to a time when class distinction lines were well drawn and how little the classification of those in third class meant to the people in first and even second class. You get the feeling the passenger liners of that era turned a good profit on those in third class. I doubt if a lot of attention to comfort or quality of service was afforded to those in third class.,For most of us who became fascinated by the Titanic in the pre-1997 era, the starting point was Walter Lord's work, either through his book "A Night to Remember" or the British film version of the book. This, Lord's second volume on the topic, has the essential quality that made the first book so special: the ability to find the human drama within the mass of facts about the disaster. And he achieves this while maintaining a sense of humility about his ability to discern final answers to many of the questions raised by the sinking in spite of his copious research.

The book is essentially a revisiting of "A Night to Remember" rather than a sequel to it. The chronological approach is the same, but new threads of the story are followed, and in some cases corrections made to conclusions drawn in the original volume. There are many moving scenes here--as a musician I found the description of Wallace Hartley's funeral particularly touching--also darker aspects of the Titanic story, and perhaps best of all, mysteries that remain mysteries.,This is a follow-up on the original book "A Night To Remember." This goes into further detail about many of the witnesses and passengers who were on the ill fated Titanic. Most of this information is informative, interesting and for people who just can't get enough information on the ship and the night it sank. I only gave it 4 stars because some of the information I really could have done without. But I was able to buy this book on a Kindle Daily Deal for .99.

Walter Lord, in my opinion, really is the leading (author) expert on the Titanic disaster. He has spent years gathering information, and laying it out piece by piece for the reader. Superb book, but first read "A Night To Remember" and if you want more information (behind the scene info), then this is a book you need to read.,Walter Lord's "The Night Lives on" offers insightful accounts of this nearly unbelievable human tragedy. As an enthusist, who tries to devour all information about the Titanic, I found this book to be edifying. Lord gives perspective into various facts and possibilities of how as ship a large and grand as the Titanic could possibly have been taken down in two hours from hitting an iceberg. The elucidation of events, neglectfulness, incompetence and corporate greed that all contributed to this unthinkable tragedy are still bone-chilling and upsetting, even today, almost 100 years later.

I recommend this writing to all those persons who seek a deeper understanding of this historical tragedy, which began long before the ship first sailed by corporate decision makers and others.,We all know the basic facts of what happened to the Titanic; this unsinkable ship hit an ice burg and sank. The author weaves a most interesting tale from the beginning; the owners, the ship being built and the people involved with that task, all the way down to the crew and passengers, and the events of the night it sank. But he goes beyond that night and gives information to what happened to some of the survivors. His many years of interest in the Titanic and cruise ships of the period, plus his and others in-depth research, has produced a book of very readable truths. I wish I'd read this book before my first cruise; I'd have been a more knowledgeable passenger.,I've been fascinated by Titanic since I was a little girl & this book picks up where A Night To Remember leaves off. I found it interesting, well written, and full of facts that I wasn't aware of. It was also interesting to read about the mission from the Navy that I only recently learned about when I watched a program about it. I would highly reccommend this book,good book but not as exciting as "night to remember".

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