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Another great book in this series. Aries and Micah definitely had a very rocky start to their relationship. Although Micah's honory actions inadvertently put Aries in the path of Alpha Fremont, Aries was able to understand Micah was doing what he thought was right, so they were able to move forward with their mating. It was nice catching up with the rest of the pack. I highly recommend reading this book and the entire series.,What a really delightful and moving story, very unusual and gripping as the tale progresses, the charm of the pups is impossible to resist, really enjoyable and entertaining,I read these books not as great literary masterpieces but quick easy entertainment and that's what this could have been. I know some people are against the insta love or insta mate I'm not one of them. That being said I like it to fit with the story. Do authors have beta readers that are anything other than "yes people". Now I'll get into why the rant. SPOILER ALERT - An omega is kidnapped, raped (during his heat), child taken away, held against his will - x's two. He's rescued adjusting to living free in a great pack. His kids are found and are returned to him. The person who found/rescued the kids is his mate. They've met in the past before his kidnapping. Omega has hurt feelings, some jealousy (due to the closeness alpha has with kids) and other issues. Omega is pissy cranky and verbally lashes out. I'm ok with all this. At this point I could see them working out their issues first because of the kids (putting them first) while getting to know each other leading the abused omega to trust. Did this or anything close happen? Oh, noooo. The author had the kooky side character handcuff them together. Let's force the abused omega into another situation he has no control over, which forces another heat to start and let other pack members help settle his neglected pups into the pack. Again wow in the worst way possible... I really could have liked this book.,I'm not 100% sure why this book has low ratings but I think it's because Aries forgave micha too quickly. Because Micha was the whole reason why Aries was raped and abused for five years and had both of his pups taken away so I think that's why it has such low ratings and I agree with that. Also Michael wasn't to remorseful about it either . It's not fun to read a book, and you can't forgive the main character and you think the whole time while you're reading the book that he doesn't deserve love or happiness.,This is the second in the series and these books need to be read in sequence. The story line shows promise but again with this second book the grammar and construction is some of the worst I've seen. I took the second book hoping that the author would improve on her own or perhaps actually find and use an editor, but that seems not to be true. Along with bad punctuation (there is no apostrophe in a plural noun), there is incorrect use of "your" for "you're", and the same sloppy lost or missing word issue found in the first book.

I see no reason to read anything more in this series until the author learns how to write.,I am completely aware that this is a fantasy love story. But can't the progression of the love story at least be real. The Alpha whose thoughtless actions caused the Onega Aries to be repeatedly raped and to have his children ripped from his arms at birth is his fated mate. Not even a day goes by to let Aries deal with this, when Aunt Cat handcuffed them together and practically implied she won't free them until they mate. She did this knowing that Aries had been repeatedly raped. And the author thought this was a good idea? There is no actual love story or story progression. I will not waste my time with this author, as book 1 contained another lazily written and rushed story with an equally nonexistent love story and basic storyline.,While this was a good read, I had a few issues with it. First of all, I found it very unrealistic that a young guy like Micah would gush the way he did over these kids. We hear him call them "beautiful angels" and "precious" this and that over and over. He sounded very much like a woman in the way he talked and his instant bonding with two strange kids. Also, it seems odd that, going by the kids' ages, Alpha Fremont's sexual bondage harem had to have been going on for about 4 years without anyone knowing about it. I am appalled at how bad the editing is in this series (as an example, most of the plurals are denoted with a possessive 's instead of a simple s).Things that I did like were seeing Kai again and getting more of the group dynamic of the pack. Those that like a lot of cute kid time and sweet parenting will like this one. The only real angst in the story is related to the story of abuse and assault at Alpha Fremont's hands; the disagreement between Micah and Aries is quickly patched up. I think the dynamic the author is going for is enemies to lovers but the story isn't long enough to really develop that. Also, I usually add a note that, when the author says that there is "pottymouth" language, she doesn't mean dirty sex talk but LOTS of swearing of the sh*t and f*ck variety. It does make the characters seem more realistic and youthful somehow, but I want readers to be clear what they are in for. I have read the first five books in this series as a binge so you can tell that I like them for what they are but this one was a little weak.,Just a little boring and just a little predictable

Omega had plenty of time wirh other Omega examples of how he could be in a fated mate pairing. Making 'your' fated mate wait two years is unacceptable and inexcusable.

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