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I actually purchased this book from Amazon about 6 years ago. 6. So why review it now? Because I'm still using it (this very week even!), it's that awesome and useful to have around! I remember when my husband and I were taking our adoption certification classes in preparation for our son, and we were asked by show of hands who were spankers and who were non-spankers, my husband and I were the only parents in the room to raise our hands as the non-spankers (we were already the proud parents of a beautiful girl at that point). Several people turned to me and said, "but how do you raise a well behaved kid without spanking?" For us, that answer has been Love and Logic for many years now. Like many things, I first checked it out from the library if I recall, and then decided I wanted a copy for myself.

I will never claim that it always works perfectly, but I attribute that entirely to faults of mine, because sometimes I get sloppy with my technique. And I am very glad for those occasions to have this book to look back over, because when I am doing it properly, things go a lot smoother. I personally think children flourish best with boundaries and consequences that make sense, at least that has been the experience we have in our household, and you can't get any more fair then natural consequences.

I would like to say, having now a younger child with significant disabilities, not all of these techniques are useful with a kiddo who has those struggles, at least not where he's at developmentally right now, but our little man still benefits and grows from the use of natural consequences, and modifying these techniques to be at where he is developmentally rather then age wise, and that does fit in well with the therapeutic approaches we are using for our little man.

I was talking about this book once with someone from church a few years ago, and she commented about how this approach can take more work from the parent because it requires more thought and a change of habits often times. I think this is true, but for us, it has been worth the extra time because for our daughter, she's not just learning the "don't" she's learning the "why" when we use this method, which I think has strong benefits that outweigh the effort to be more nuanced in my parenting.,I absolutely love this book. It is amazing. We have three children, 5,6 and 7. I have used the techniques in this book and it really works. I am so excited about it. I have been sharing it with other mothers that could benefit from this book. I think every parent should read this book. I only wished I would have known about it when our children were even younger.,This is an outstanding book and a must read for any parent, especially before your children become teenagers. If you can master some of these strategies while your kids are young, the teen years will very likely be more bareable. But if your kids are already tweets or teens, don't pass this book up. It is by far the most essential parenting book I've read,I've read a lot of books since I have a very strong willed child (bordering on ODD) and this book has been by far the best I have read. It has made a world of difference in my house! From resistant to compliant in no time, the choices gives my girls their independence while still remaining in the behavioral boundaries.,I found some of the techniques to be verry effective, others not so effective. For example, letting them make their own decisions on whether or not to be late for school. Letting them face the consequences for that. In my experience, my child doesn't care if he's late. If I didn't stay on him to get him going in the mornings he wouldn't bother to go at all. Let alone worry about being late. The only one facing a consequence there is me. Same as for the grades. He would rather face a consequence of not going or not doing homework. He sees the consequence in these situations as the lessor of the two evils. And He could care less if I get into trouble.

Now the tips and techniques for parents on not losing their control has been a blessing. Just takes practice and patience. Something I have little of. But these techniques help me tremendously. And giving them choices vrs barking orders is a win win most of the time. A lot less yelling and arguing.,I love the advice in this book. I checked it out from the library on two different occasions and read it, but since the parenting methods suggested here don't come naturally to me, I felt like I needed my own copy so that I could read through it whenever I needed a refresher. The basic premise is: gain the control you need by giving up the rest. The first half of the book explains how to do this in general and the second half gives examples of how to deal with several different common parenting situations. It works great for both of my little boys- almost five and almost three. When I go about parenting the way this book suggests, they are much better behaved, and even when they don't behave well, I feel like I know what to do.,This book was recommended by my child s pediatrician at infancy. I've found it extremely helpful and will soon be reading the 'teen' book.,Great Book for you and your children. Implementing the principles of this book has made me feel like I have more self control over my immediate emotions when my children act out. Read it with your spouse so you are on the same page.

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