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I got this book last evening when it dropped into my Kindle. I read it in less than a day. I couldn't not. It's the kind of story that, while you're reading it and the dogs have to go out or you have to eat dinner, it's an annoyance to have to stop to attend to those everyday events that you normally look forward to. It's the kind of book that, when you know you're getting to the end, you read a couple of pages and stop, and then go back to it and read a couple of more pages. You know the end of the story is coming, but you don't want it to get here.

Catherine Ryan Hyde is a masterful story teller. She has hundreds of stories to tell and will tell them all, I believe, just as excellently as she has told this one. I have read most of her books, and I have loved them all, but this one is the best one. Full stop.

Bravery and courage are two different things, and the difference is drawn so well in this story. Courage is mental. Bravery is physical. Each of the characters in this book have bravery and courage, in different amounts, for different reasons and at different times. Abuse, interracial relationships, fear of the unknown and fear of what you know is out there, are all examined here. Leave-taking and coming together are examined. Patience is examined. Love is at the root of it all.

Ryan Hyde's books usually involve animals in their plots. This one is no different, but the involvement of the animals brings out the courage of the characters. With the exception of one brave act by one of the animals, the courage and bravery rests with the humans in this book - to face uncertainty, hatred, bigotry, abuse.

Read every word of this book. Every word of this book is important. This book is a masterpiece.,So here's the bad news: Every Catherine Ryan Hyde book has to end and that moment just never stops sucking. But the great thing is that she keeps writing and sharing these amazing soul stories with us.

What I love/hate most about this book is how timely the message is, even though it's set in the fifties and sixties. I wish the prejudices from which these characters suffer were as unimaginable as their lack of iPads. Unfortunately, the part that hit me the hardest was how deeply we hold onto these ideas that hurt other people. How hard it is for us to let them go.

But here's what Catherine does for us and why she is such an inspiring human to me: Each and every one of her books is a voice for the future. Each time she tells a story, she's doing a lot more than entertaining us. She's asking us to imagine a world that's quite a bit better than the one we have right now. She's asking us to believe in humanity. To find the tiny pinpricks of light in the darkness and actively seek to light more because that's the only way anything ever changes.

And it DOES change. Though we have so far to go still, this is no longer the same world that wasn't ready for Calvin and Lucy.

The future is with Catherine, in her unshakable faith in humans.

And so am I.,When I finished Say Goodbye my first thought was what a great book this is. My second thought was surprise. I don't remember ever seeing a book that was rated entirely with five stars. The book deserves this rating. It's themes were interesting and well supported. The characters showed intense feelings that were appropriate to the circumstances. I know I can count on Catherine Ryan Hyde giving me hours of reading pleasure.

The basic theme explored in this book is good versus evil. The setting is Texas 1959 and segregation is the norm. Interracial marriage is forbidden.

Dr Lucy is a medical doctor who cares for injured and abandoned animals and the occasional criminal to help pay for the animals she saves. She's a prickly sort of person who prefers the company of animals to people.

Pete is young boy on his way to go fishing when he discovers an injured dog off the side of the road. It's a big dog and his back leg looks wrong. The problem is how to transport him to the doc. He remembers an old wagon in his garage that might just work. He feels a bond with this dog and doesn't want to leave him but knows he must. When he returns, Pete is able to maneuver the animal into the wagon and heads out to the doc.

Justin, who has just moved into the area, sees Pete and the dog and asks if he can walk along with them. As they walk, they get to know one another. It seems they might be friends. Pete's dad doesn't agree. He tells Pete to keep to his own kind (white people) and whips him so hard with the belt he draws blood.

I really like Pete. He has a way about himself that is honest and straightforward. It's amazing that he was able to survive growing up with a father who is so brutal. It gets so bad for him that he winds up living with Miss Lucy when his dad disowns him and tells him to never come back.

There is so much going on in this story, I can't really do it justice in a review. If you like a story that is compelling and really grabs you right from the beginning and doesn't let go to the very end, read this book now. It is well worth the time it takes to read,I love this author and the in-depth characters she creates. She usually has children in the story, and this book is no different. Set in the late 50s, the main character, Pete, finds a dog that was hit by a car along the side of the road. He manages to load the dog into his wagon after a lengthy dialogue with the animal to gain his confidence. They then walk miles to Dr. Lucy's house so she can treat the dog, who turns out to be part wolf. Pete makes friends with Justin, a younger black boy along the way. The two boys become friends, as do Dr. Lucy and Justin's father. A forbidden romance blossoms before Calvin and Justin must move away. Meanwhile, Pete's abusive father disowns him and he stays with Dr. Lucy. Years later the characters come back together when the laws change on mixed marriages. I only gave the book four stars because it was a little predictable,but still an excellent read.

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