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I liked it, but the whole premise is trying to get to the root of why Dave Chappelle quit his shown on Comedy Central. What I got out of it is that Chappelle is human, and is a complicated person (as most of us are). There really isn't a smoking gun in this case, especially because the author didn't interview him! He only goes off of his own observations and interviews with others who know Chappelle. However, I am a fan of Chappelle's and enjoyed the history of his stand up and his show.,I have to say, like most folks, I was crushed when Chappelle vanished. I was an avid fan of all of his work from Men in Tights to Killin them Softly to, of course, ever minute of the Chappelle's Show. When he left, it was so abrupt, it was hard to understand what could have driven a man at the top of his craft into utter obscurity. I was turned onto this single by a slideshow about Chappelle on Rolling Stone. Calling it, and I am paraphrasing here, "the most definitive work to date on Chapelle's disappearance" I had to read it. After completing it, I have to say I have a better understanding of Chappelle's motivation even if I still don't completely understand or agree with the premises this book lays out for why he may have left. But, at the end of the day, the reader is left with as complete a picture of the tormented genius that is Dave Chappelle and, if you call yourself a fan, it is a must read. It portrays Chappelle as a talented comedic genius but also doesn't shy away from pointing out his role in failed endeavors or relationships. Ultimately, it's not a 5 star read because it lacks some editing and, quite frankly, its hard to assess this piece as completely definitive without any contribution from the man himself. Had Zinoman been able to get Chappelle substantively on record, this would be a five star read no question. Highly recommended though and definitely worth the read.,Very short bio on the comedienne. I gained very little info on the author's narrative. (Basically nothing new) it appears that he glean his material from sources other than the the subject of his book. Disappointing!,This is a speed read, and it provides a terrific background of Chappelle with a sense of who the man is, where he came from. This kindle single could be consumed in one or two sittings, given how well written it is and the subject matter bei so compelling.

Chappelle is a genius, he was able to navigate sensitive topics on race with grace, humor and intelligence. His comedy is greatly missed.

It's a bit disappointing that at the end of it, we have no sense of what Chappelle is up to right now, what he's thinking, whether he's planning a comeback. sure, the interview with Comedy Channel's Jeff Hertzog giving his side of the story on the negotiations with Chappelle was compelling and respectful, but we're still left in the dark without Dave's side of the story.

It's worth reading . . . Think of it as an extra long magazine article you can't put down. But for those of us hoping that Dave Chappelle will mount a modest tour, much like we miss Dave, we wanted a bit more from Jason Zinoman's kindleq single.,A good story about the legend that is Dave Chappelle. The real life inner-struggle that many introverts can relate to.,People who like Dave Chappelle generally want to know more about what happened to him and with all the crazy theories that went around it was easy to believe that Dave had just gone off the deep end. Zinoman's prose is accessible. Although you don't necessarily get all the answers you were looking for, you come away from this realizing that you weren't supposed to. This is probably as close as you'll ever get to understanding a celebrity, and Zinoman does a good job of presenting a fair assessment of Dave both as a person and a comedian, and how the struggle to maintain that balance affected all parts of his life. A great read. Definitely worth the money.,Great hypothetical insight into DC and events that lead to and the effects of him quitting his show. Entertaining. Nice and short.,What a clear read. Dave is a magician of words and meaning. He takes snake venom situations and encapsulates the poison. It's not really black or white its just funny situations we all face.

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