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I found "Steve Jobs" the biography to be a fascinating read. It put Steve Jobs into a spotlight that I was not expecting.

I had seen the author interviewed on numerous TV shows about the same time as the book was released. I'd also seen the 60-minutes interview which was quite revelatory in its own right. I had read and heard so much about the biography that I was fearful that I already knew most of what would be in the book. While it is true that parts were already "out of the bag" there was much that was still exciting to discover.

The beginning of the personal computer revolution was an exciting time and Jobs was at the forefront of this. Learning all about the humble beginnings of Apple Computer was incredibly interesting, Yet, I feel that the author hardly scratched the surface of the more technological side of things. He emphasized more of the sociological side of the story. That side of the story was written well but I just feel there was more nuts and bolts stuff that was not brought into play in the biography. I did read with interest however how Jobs coped with the knowledge that he had cancer and its relentless progression.

I wouldn't say that this will be the definitive biography of Steve Jobs. I'd be quite surprised if there weren't others either in the works right now, or soon to be in the works. Already there are many people opening up and speaking about what it was really like dealing and interacting with Steve Jobs.

Whether or not you are an Apple customer or fan, this is a great glimpse into the life of a man who had a huge impact in how we view and interact with technology. His vision has turned entire industries upside down. He truly was a visionary and his legacy will live on for quite some time.

I don't know if I'll live long enough to see where Steve Jobs will ultimately be placed in the list of geniuses... Einstein, Edison, etc, but he certainly belongs on that list somewhere. The world has lost a great thinker and tinkerer. The loss of such a great mind like that is sad... his contributions were significant. We'll never know what the next "one more thing" could have been.,This is a wonderful book taking the reader into the journey of Steve jobs an amazing individual. It is lengthy but worth every page I was able to go through this book in less than a week. The book also covers a lot of individuals who had conflict with Jobs due to his personality which from an early age was very harsh at times. I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys technology, curious about Jobs, or a simply a good read.,A brilliant look into the life and mind of one of the most influential people in our time. Did he cure a major disease, no. But...he did create a new trend in technology that seamlessly makes life easier for everyone. Even if you aren't a fan of Apple, there is no denying that his existence benefited us as a people. Computers, phones, the way we listed to music and much more can be contributed to Jobs' obsessive passion for perfection.
Well written, this book takes you behind board meetings, Steve's inner demons, his vulnerabilities and the personality traits that made his so successful. It takes you behind the scenes as he struggles to balance his work life, his family, his personalities and lastly his battle with cancer.
It was interesting to learn about Jobs' eating habits, his distaste for certain foods and even the way he viewed products that would seem good in other's eyes. But his unrelenting desire for the perfect product is what drove him to creating some of the best products around...even if you prefer the Google, Microsoft, Android, etc. you cannot deny that Steve was a visionary in which everyone can learn something.
I also enjoyed the story about Pixar's partnership with Disney and the early years of Apple and how it was on the brine of collapse.
Intriguing and highly recommended.,I've never really been a fan of Apple, having been surrounded by what Jobs would call "an inferior product" since I first encountered a computer. I was contemptuous of Apple's closed system and its seemingly exorbitant product prices, and I felt indifferent toward Jobs because I had no motivation to learn anything about him. Then, in October 2011, he died, and the diversity of reactions people had to living in a world touched but no longer inhabited by him inspired me to read this book so that I could attempt to understand those reactions. Reading this allowed me to do that, but it also allowed me to understand and, in a sense, become acquainted with Steve Jobs, both as a man and an icon. I experienced his "reality distortion field," was at times amused and startled by his caustic demeanor toward those he considered "bozos," and felt the energy of every product reveal. I learned of his strengths, became privy to his weaknesses, and watched him evolve from a geek in Paul Jobs' garage to an occasionally ruthless man dedicated to perfection in everything he wanted to do and in everything others did, to experimenting and innovating until what he wanted to do was impossible, and then doing it anyway. I felt the love and respect his family and friends had for him and expressed at the end, and I was moved almost to tears. Like the title of this review says, nothing I can say does this book justice. The amount of time and dedication put into portraying Jobs in an accurate and human light rivals that Jobs put into making his products and company "insanely great." Love him or hate him, Steve Jobs is worth reading about. So, to the crazy ones, the rebels, the misfits, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes, and to those who see things differently, I highly recommend this book. The journey is the reward.

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