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I have one word to describe Still: PERFECTION. There was nothing I didn’t love about this book. In fact, it’s the best book I’ve read so far in 2017. It consumed me. I laid down to read it and read for 5 straight hours, cover to cover. It’s one of the most emotional books I’ve read and gave me ALL THE FEELS!

Grip and Bristol are a couple that defy all the odds being together. They’re a couple that most people on the outside don’t understand, but they work. In fact, they only work when they’re together. Words can’t express how much I loved this couple and their journey. Still is a continuation of Grip, and as much as I loved Grip, I loved Still even more.

Bristol and Grip have a love like no other, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. There is so much fighting against them, they have struggles and heartbreak like you couldn’t imagine, but through it all, the one thing that never changes is that they have each other.

Grip loves Bristol something fierce. He loves her the way we all want to be loved. He loves the person she is, respects her, and she gives him the same right back. Both of these characters are exceptional. Their love story is something to strive for. I could go on and on about these two and their epic love. It’s easy to love someone when everything is good and easy, but to love someone this fiercely through the hard times, it means even more.

I was not prepared for the level of heartbreak I would experience while reading this story. It was one of those books that took me there. I had to leave the bed so my sobs didn’t wake my husband and finish out reading the book on the couch. It had such an effect on me. Bristol and Grip have a deep strength and having each other feeds that strength. If their love wasn’t so strong, I don’t know if they could have gotten through all they did.

Both of these characters are so special. Grip is the best kind of man. He has the biggest heart and is truly a poet. There is nothing I don’t love about Grip. He always stands up for what he feels is right, and he’s an exceptionally good person. Bristol is his perfect match in every way. She’s just as loyal as he is, and her love can never be questioned. She always sticks up for Grip and has his back. This couple is truly a power couple and have a forever kind of love.

Kennedy Ryan’s writing blows me away. It’s extraordinary and has such a poetic feel. I highlighted so much in this book! Grip’s poetry, the love this couple shares, there is just so much greatness. Still is profound. A masterpiece. It’s a book that needs to be read. It’s a truly epic love story, but it’s so much more than that. It’s real, raw, and thought provoking. It touched my heart, made me think, and gave me hope. Seriously, if I could have you read one book this year, Grip and Bristol’s story would be that book.,THIS. This is the kind of awe inspiring excellence I crave for as a reader. This is the ultimate high that I've been chasing and nothing else will ever compare. You can be in recovery from Kennedy Ryan's words but you will ALWAYS be an addict.

"I don't even have the language for how happy I am. It's contentment sheathed in passion, twisted around the deepest, most honest connection I've ever known. I wish everyone could taste this, could have this."

I struggled with this review more than any other. I didn't feel competent enough to convey my feelings about this book. This story and this series is one of the best things I have ever experienced, not just in the book world but PERIOD.

"I've survived a storm. That's how it feels every time grip makes love to me."

STILL completely blew GRIP out of the water!!! Which is saying a lot! Whether you started on Grip and Bristol's journey in the Soul Series or you started with FLOW you know how absolutely pivotal this couple is, how mesmerizing and CRUCIAL the dialogue in this story is.

"You don't know that when we make love, he whispers poetry. He makes me feel treasured. You don't know that he'd die for me, and without thinking twice, I would die for him, too."

Grip causes me to have a physical reaction to him. Every. Time. Reaching places that I didn't know a fictional character could. He stimulates my mind, invigorates my heart, revitalizes my soul and arouses my senses.

"There's something helpless about truly being in love. The kind of love they write songs about. The kind of love that inspires poetry and launches ships and wreaks havoc. It leaves you slightly off balance, controlling when you mean to cherish. Smothering when you mean to hold close."

I will be honest and say that I was very anxious about reading STILL. I didn't want the perfection of Grip and Bristol to be touched and it was like Kennedy said, "Hold my sweet tea and watch this" because DEAR LORD did she come through!! Just when you think "that's all there is" someone exceptional like Kennedy will prove you wrong and be a testament to why humans shouldn't put limitations on themselves.

In STILL, Grip & Bristol's relationship is tested. A strain placed on their unwavering bond. The issues they face a very real occurrence that many of us face daily. I'm so glad Kennedy never shied away from these topics but magnified them head on and digged deeper. She really went THERE with this story. There were scenes that infuriated me, made me sad and inconsolable, sections that had my side hurting from laughing so hard (Ya'll Kennedy is FUNNY) there were times that I had to turn my fan on high because it was getting that HOT! Then there were parts that made me want to look away because it hurt too much, made me feel to much and think about things I didn't even want to consider. I feel like I survived this story. And you know what happens when you survive something? You always come out of it stronger and wiser.

"I vow to stand with you through every circumstance. I promise to pick you up when you fall, to cherish you beyond reason and to love you with out walls."

Thank you Kennedy for cheap watches, for Ferris wheels, for love without walls, greens, a boss like Bristol who has unlimited love for her man, poems, chocolate eyes flecked with caramel, stair cases, sick playlists, enlightenment, your bravery, and strength. For the beautiful scenes and especially for the difficult ones, for holding a mirror up to issues when others would have us cover the mirror up.

Thank you for your literary art.

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