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I loved reading the story of Michael and his dog Roselle. Throughout the story Michael keeps repeating that blind people can do anything that sighted people can if they are given a chance. Perhaps that is true, but I find it hard to believe. I think it takes an extraordinary person and Michael fits that category. I don’t however think we are all the same. I’m not sure I would have been able to do some of the things he did and I have always had my sight.

Add to his life a very special, very well trained dog with the perfect temperament and they were an unbeatable duo. It was this duo that descended over 1400 steps when the World Trade Center was hit on Sept. 11, 2001. During that time not only Michael, but also Roselle offered hope and comfort, but also calmed people when they got discouraged. I think you will enjoy the story about this team.

So why didn’t I give it a 5 star rating. I got a bit tired of Michael saying that blind people aren’t always given a chance and they can do anything a sighted person can. Granted, there are some people that will rise above the crowd no matter what. But there are also those that take defeat and get beaten down by it. The rules covering the treatment of the blind may not be fair, but hopefully the world is changing and men of Michael’s caliber would be welcome anywhere. Otherwise, gather your Guide dogs and make some noise as many other groups have had to do.,Michael Hingson's true story of being blind from birth, yet was raised by a loving family who allowed him to live a normal and happy life with no boundaries. His explanations of what blindness really means and his several guide dogs leads to his miraculous escape from Twin Tower 1 on 9/11 gave me chills and a feeling of being there every step of the way.,Excellent book and writing. The author Interweave's his 9/11 story with information about growing up blind, Guide dogs, etc. Very informative book. Fascinating about his real life experience in a WTC building. I purposely have not read any other 9/11 books but the dog thing got me. Glad I read this book.....it was excellent!,I wanted to read this book because I have a friend who has a guide dog. I learned so many things about the training of these dogs. It was written so well that I had no problem getting exact pictures in my mind of the journey down the stairwell, the sounds, smells and anxieties of the people. It also put a new "light" on how they want to be treated by seeing people.,A man was born blind. He functioned well in the land of the sighted. His parents refused to allow him to use his lack of sight as a crutch for not doing what was expected of him. He went to school and went in with the rest of the children not with disabilities.

Heart fe!t TRUE story,I was mesmerized by the bravery of this man and his guide dog and the harrowing experience he lived thru. I marvel at the tenacity of both. I am so glad he lived to tell his story, yet still saddened by the innocent lives lost that day and for years after.,I found it a very educational book. It was not only about a terribly time, an outstanding dog and what must have been a horrible experience, but there were many other facts in the book which I found not only interesting but also worthwhile knowing. You really don't know what a handicap is like until you experience it.,Interesting book about the blind, seeing eye dogs, and the authors escape from the World Trade Center. It includes a section devoted to his devotion to Christianity, which was of no value to me but others might find it interesting.

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