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Set in a world where everyone's role is set at birth; God, Sol, Dweller; Willa is an original. She may be classified as the lowest of dwellers, but they can't contain her. She's a pure mess, stumbling through life, wreaking havoc during every waking hour. The book begins with her village preparing to select two of their best to represent the village at Blesswood Academy where dwellers are sent annually to serve the Sol. Willa and her best friend/sister are chosen and their lives are now on a new course. Of course, Willa's life doesn't magically change. She's still a mess, only now she's around powerful people. She quickly catches the attention of the Abcurse brothers, Siret, Yael, Aros, Rome, and Coen or Trickery, Persuasion, Seduction, Strength, and Pain. The brothers have secrets of their own, but quickly they become the most important people in the world to Willa.

Jane is one of my favorite writers in the world. I'm openly obsessed with her books. She creates fantastic worlds and compelling stories filled with exceptional, stalk-worthy characters. I'm now embarrassed to say that this is the first book I have read of Jaymin's, although that will change. I wasn't sure how the collaboration would work, but the writing was seamless. These two meshed their styles together cleverly. I couldn't tell who wrote what. They did an excellent job creating fully developed characters. Each brother has a distinct way with Willa and with each other. Great dynamics. The side characters are all nicely developed and add additional layers.

This story was entertaining, well-written, laugh out loud funny, and full of sexual tension. Any book with a lead female who has a "penchant for nudity", falls on her ass or face as many times as Willa does, and carries on hysterical conversations in her head constantly even though her thoughts can be read is truly brilliant! Willa's rambling, her thought process (the Jeffrey's), and overall originality makes her one of the best female leads ever. Throw in 5 hot brothers to surround her and a bit of mystery, and now I have a new obsession. J & J, how soon can I get the next book??,I love Jaymin Eve and apparently now Jane Washington. This story was brilliant. I loved the world building and even though it was completely foreign to me, I never felt lost. I can't wait for the next book!!!,Wasn't sure I'd like this book but it was AWESOME!!love love love Willa and her inner dialogue had me laughing out loud. Can't WAIT for the next book,I love this book so much! Willa is hilarious and had me laughing out loud (for real) several times. I love the brothers- each and every one of them- equally. It was entertaining and engrossing, causing me to read well into the morning when I should have been getting up and, you know, getting dressed and brushing my teeth and stuff like that.
I read it in about 24 hours, which is fast even for me for a book this long. I just couldn't get enough. Highly recommend!,Once again I am blown away by Jaymin! This time she partners with a new author( well new to me) Jane. I cannot wait to see what these two do with this story. I can tell you right now though, this book will keep you guessing. You think it is going one way, only to turn a way you did not think was possible!,This book was amazing!! Willa is such a loveable character!! I could not put it down! Can't wait to see which one breaks the pact first! My first question was when does book 2 come out!,You may not make it to bed! It has been a long time since I was so immersed in a story that I was up till 4am on a work night. And I usually don't care too much for stories told in the first person, but this is an exception. I'm really looking forward to Book 2. I loved this new "mythology " and found myself truly relating to and rooting for Willa, even as I wondered how she could be so dense, contradictory and self-destructive at times. Yet, she is clearly maturing and growing and developing into a more interesting character along the way in her relationship with the five Abcurse brothers. While not as intense or as dark as Neil Gaimon's Sandman series, this tale clearly reflects the authors' roots in mythology, which helps make this story even more enjoyable.,First off I want to say that this a reverse harem so there is one girl with five guys in this case. I know this isn't for everyone so it might not be a book for you. If this is a book for you be prepared to laugh. How Willa manages to keep herself alive through the book is still a mystery that Jaymin and Jane haven't solved yet. The Abcurse brothers do help her alot which is good. I loved this book and can not wait for the other four to come out. I'm not sure if even by the last book if I will be able to pick my favorite brother. Check out this book and see if you can.

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