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While reading, unconsciously I began to underline and highlight the spiritual teachings. Upon finishing the book, I leafed through the pages, and discovered. The majority of the book had been underlined, and notes place at the margins. This book truly has a high ranking with my collection of books on spirituality. I highly recommend it.,I recently found this writer and as soon as I began to read a feeling of weightlessness came over my body and mind. As if a dark covering was lifted and a different me was unveiled.
His style of telling is simple, uncomplicated, without pretence or arrogance. The books that I read are usually full of author's 'I AM, WAS, WILL BE. These books leave a stain of hopelessness and despair in my inside dwelling since I AM not, WAS not, nor WILL BE. And I decided that may be meditation is for someone 'more spiritual' thought I have no idea what that means.

I feel relaxed and content reading his books. The first thought that popped into my mind when I saw his term 'Isness' , was that what I AM means, IAMNESS. The basic of us, the blueprint under the smear of domestication. The real me!
How wonderful , I found a book that unlocked a small door to a huge space inside me.,The Unbound Soul: A Spiritual Memoir for Personal Transformation and Enlightenment
by Richard L Haight

A very well written book that I find is perfect for use when meditating. This book goes beyond what most other books designed to use for meditation in that it is set up so that you can easily go from day to day in your own personal life. Perfect if you are looking for a way to better understand yourself and your feelings.

Well worth the time that you would spend reading this work of art. Perfect for all ages and everyone who enjoys meditating, a guideline of sorts for your meditation.

A must have on your bookshelf for use now as well as later.

Sept 21, 2017,Richard Haight begins his book by saying “spiritual” is a misconstrued word. Two other words associated with spirituality are “realization” and “unfoldment.” Haight says “Unfoldment indicates radical simplification while realization indicates being aware of something that had previously gone noticed. None of these words are associated with becoming, growing, or attaining.” His book is written for those who are ready for new insights into the spiritual world. Haight’s words and actions seem to be governed by Tao, which he calls Isness or Beingness.
He begins his book with life events from early childhood and through many years, much like a memoir. He includes many spiritual experiences in his memoir. This is a most interesting read and can be read at a reasonable speed. On one page, he questions himself by asking, “How is it that I perceive as being imperfect?” He has a new unconditional experience and calls it “inspirience” because the learning is within the soul and/or spirit.
While reading Part One, I thought of my reading of Varieties of Religious Experiences by William James. This is a great honor to Haight to be equated with this other book and author. Haight’s book was written for those who are ready for revelation.
The second part of the book, can be more difficult and needs to be read at a slower pace and perhaps spaced intervals to grasp some of the concepts presented. Haight himself states, “… the reader may experience difficulties when reading this book as the light of consciousness begins to shine through those identifications that do not want to be seen.”
In the second part of the book, Meditation, the Dance of the Self, and more about Unfoldment are shared. The “process of spiritual unfoldment is first and foremost a tuning to Isness … that reveals the very core of Beingness.” Haight uses his experience of martial arts, meditation, therapy, and instructor to put this great piece of literature together for our enjoyment.
Another profound statement in the book is when it comes to placing blame on others, it is wise to remember: “whatever happens is a reflection of the energy that I am projecting.”
Throughout the book, Haight talks about a feeling of being “pulled” physically to something. I have also felt this same spiritual pressure exerted upon myself. I’ve always considered it spiritual, heavenly, Godly, or angelic. Such feelings are hallmark. It coerces us to take a necessary action. Trust these feelings. It may often be the next step in a journey of spiritual learning.
Haight shares about negativity and “belief systems are compensating for traumas and deep-seated insecurities.” He talks about reflecting on our lives and how we only need shelter, food, water, love, and inspired purpose. He talks later about inspired purpose and unconditional love. He went on to say “most of my wants were actually attempts to fill an empty space inside.” The action of “shaming” is explained very well in this book. And a new view of Hell was given to me.
Haight agrees with me that the world is moving faster than ever in the past. There are many people searching for answers, more than ever before. We are hungry and we are thirsting for spirituality. Include the book Unbound Soul in your collection. I’m glad I did.,Good read. This book will take you down one particular path of one particular seeker intent on finding the truth. What he finds is truly an inspiring truth of connection and harmony and why we should want that. The author then reveals simple tested ways of helping a person down their OWN path. No gimmicks. No special pictures or runes. JUST YOU. I feel this book really connected ideas and philosophies that scholars have been dancing around for centuries. You will look at the world a little bit differently after reading it.
Have fun and enjoy reading The Unbound Soul By Mr Richard Haight

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