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A quick, enjoyable read. The story was a little predictable, as were the character personalities. Unspoken Bond is mostly about how the presence of a special dog influenced situations rather than being a story with a dog as the central character. I especially liked the first part of the book that was written mostly through the dog's perspective.

The writing is 'clean cut' meaning that it is an appropriate read for nearly any adult. I've already recommended it to a book club of modest, elderly readers. I'm sure they will like it.,Enjoyed this book. Easy read. Love anything about dogs.,I truly enjoyed this beautifully told and emotional story. Blake stole my heart with her story from the opening paragraph right through to the close. Being a dog lover I could identify so with the characters. I cried lots of tears and smiled many times.
So good to read a feel good story and to know that the author has a deep and abiding love for animals. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves animals, and also to the many beautiful people out there who so willingly take in and rescue the unwanted animals around the world. Blake so richly deserves all the praise and awards she has already received.,It was a good and interesting read, but not can't-put-it-down compelling.

For some reason, the author seemed enamored with "the caliche driveway," using the term "caliche" so many times, it seemed like it was a fun word he just learned and wanted to show it off as much as he could.

There were a few other spots where a good editor/proofer could have improved the book greatly, such as in Chapter 23 where he says "the soltiers careened their necks."

Finally, there were several places where the author jumped decades forward or backward in the narrative, switching viewpoints from third person to first person and back, and these were disconcerting and confusing.

All that said, this was still a decent book, fun to read, and I was happy to keep reading all the way to the end.

Would I read another book by this author? Yes, but it would not go to the top of my list.,I live in Austin and graduated from UT a few years ago. My dad suggested I read this book, and at first I was reluctant, but found that I got sucked into the story really quickly. My family has always had a dog, so when I read the part about the dog getting dumped on the highway, I found myself turning the pages as fast as I could.

The characters are believable too, because Austin has just about every type of person there is. The scenes in Austin were spot on and the scene in the football stadium brought back a lot of memories. I can tell you that Sixth Street is the place to party, and I have seen guys like David and Colby duke it out over a girl.

The writing was fluid, and you'll root for David and Emma to get together. It takes a while, so be patient when reading the book. Close to the middle of the book it got kinda slow, but a lot of books have slow parts, so it wasn't much of an issue.

The pace kicks up immediately in Part II with lots of action and interaction between all three characters. Of course, Joe is right there too among everything that goes on.

O'Connor ties in the beginning and ending of the book quite nicely, so without giving it away, I think readers will like the way she wove all the characters together.

It's hard to categorize this book, but there's something for everyone - dog owners, guys, gals, recent grads, ex-military, and anyone looking for a good story. Overall, well done!,This is a beautiful story of love between a soldier and a military working dog. Beautifully told in a voice with soft undercoats, while allowing the reader to develop a picture of the story and how it is relevant to our world. The story is one of sacrifice and loyalty. Please take the time to read the story and also to provide this book to a library so it will be available to all who are interested.,I could really relate to the love of a rescued pet. They become such a part of your very being. My heart hurts at thought of losing Mocha, my cat. There is surely an "unspoken bond"!,Blake has written a story that touched upon my childhood, my wonderful memories of my parents and family and brought them so much to life that I could see and feel and smell her story. I, too, am an animal lover and she told the story of the great love and unbreakable bond between us and our canine family members. I certainly believe they go to heaven and when I get there, if none of my many deceased pets are not there then I am leaving. I was surprised the writer is female because she wrote the dialogue of a man so flawlessly. I loved this book like an old friend. I hope you will, too!

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