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Romeo Boyd is a Hollywood star whose fame is fading, and he heads to his vacation home to drown his worries in alcohol. His love for very loud rock music immediately causes problems for his neighbour, Juliet Soma, a novelist seeking her muse to ward off a serious case of writer’s block.

When Juliet meets Romeo, he mistakes her for a stripper and things go downhill from there. An intense rivalry ensues, and when Juliet gets Romeo arrested all bets are off. When she then lands him in the hospital, in his most devious move, Romeo fakes amnesia and “mistakes” Juliet for his wife. A guilt-ridden Juliet is convinced by Romeo’s actor friend “doctor” to go along with whatever Romeo says, and Juliet soon becomes Romeo’s slave. Living together might mean killing each other, but instead the unthinkable happens: they start falling for each other!

Will Juliet discover Romeo’s deception? Will she forgive him, or up the ante? Could there ever be a happily ever after for two stubborn fools? Can they put the past behind them? Can they trust each other’s motives when they’ve done nothing but cause each other grief?

Why Romeo hates Juliet by Anna Mara is a very refreshing read (that has absolutely nothing to do with William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet; this is by no means a modernisation of the story, the characters’ names being the only commonality). This book made me cringe and laugh out loud several times. The characters are colourful and engaging, pulling you into their war from the get go. A happy ending is never a certainty, and Mara keeps you guessing until the very end.

What I especially like about this book is its deviation from a common pattern in romantic fiction: Where the guy is usually the one who messes up badly and must fight to convince the girl to give him another chance, Why Romeo hates Juliet flips it 180. The girl is the one who messes up, and she’s the one who must atone for her mistake – a nice departure from the expected.

I give this book a rating of 3/5 instead of 4/5 because I would have preferred a little more romance. The majority of the story is Romeo and Juliet going out of their way to aggravate each other, but their chemistry is so great they keep you hooked. I did get really frustrated with both of them, but they kept me invested in their story until the end. While I concur that the situations these two get themselves into are unlikely to happen in the real world, it is the touches of realism instead of over-the-top, soppy, unrealistic scenes that made this book stand out. Why Romeo hates Juliet has a more realistic road to HEA than most, and disappoints my helplessly romantic heart before it delivers a satisfying ending. Juliet not only had to earn Romeo’s forgiveness, but mine as well…

She did.

I will definitely read more from this author.,I got this book when it was offered free on Amazon and I have to say I was surprised by it. While it's a longish book I found it easy to get into and quick to read. Juliet and her sister Sarah go to Sarah's in laws house for some much needed qiet so that Juliet can get her writing mojo back.
Little do they know the house next door is owned by a raucous movie star Romeo Boyd, and he arrives with his noisy friends and a couple of stereo type Hollywood chicks. That's when the fun begins. The first half of the book is hilarious, I loved the scene where Juliet goes over to confront Romeo over the noise and horrid way Sarah had been treat and Romeo thought she was the stripper! I cried laughing. I also really enjoyed the building love story and them falling in love (though not admitting it to themselves) I thought the wedding was hilarious.
What I struggled with a little is that it did need some work with the grammar and I'm not to sure in this day and age that someone would leave a man they loved deeply to allow another woman who says she has a claim (not spoiling) on him and live with such heartbreak.
But the story was quirky and cute and fun to read. If you like light hearted good humor this is the book for you,This book had some funny moments, but was not the hysterically funny book that I expected. In fact, there were many sad moments. All told, I enjoyed the book. It's a long one (500+ pages.)

On the other hand, it was by far the worst book I've ever read grammatically. The proofreader should be shot!,This story was really good. It had a little bit of everything. You will go through all ranges of emotions imaginable; you will love, you will laugh out loud a lot of times but you will also feel loss, pain and you will cry because of it. But no matter what you'll see how two people that are meant to be together will always find their way back to each other.

Romeo and Juliet come to love each other in an unconventional way but it's the kind of love that has fireworks in the mix. At times their behavior gets a little annoying and there are many things that could've been avoided. They acted childish and it became tiresome because when I thought they'd finally be mature about a situation they'd go ahead act very immature. However, even though the story dragged on at times it wasn't boring. I guess I was just anxious for them to finally be together.

Overall it was a good story.,WOW! IMO- There is some really harsh unwarranted reviews here. I must have read something a whole lot different than some of these reviewers. While this book had some pretty immature pranks, I can just picture someone who might have a very vindictive personality, doing just these types of things. Not many mind you, but a few. As far as the dialogue....I really didn't think it was all that bad, myself. As ridiculous as some of these scenes might have been, this book still made me laugh. As far as the length of the book goes...I think it could have been written much shorter and still been able to get the story across.

I read to be entertained, and to forget the troubles that real life throws at us every now and then. This book did just that, at least it did for me.

All in all; I think this book was well worth reading.,this book in my opinion, had too much happening to be considered a comedy. th e romance was there but it just seems that it took to long for the couple to realize they loved each other. if I had been the couple in this book I would have definitely hated one or the other because of how mean they were to each other!!,I talked to the book almost the entire time I was reading. Meaning I fussed at Juliet for every stupid childish thing she did. Which means I really enjoyed the book. I could see every scene in my head and felt their passion. The sex scenes were descriptive without being over the top nasty. I'd read more of her books.

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